WWY (We are With You) Project in Izmir, Turkey

Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, is a beautiful city on Turkey’s Aegean coast.
In this city, there is an alumnus of Nippon Kan’s Uchideshi Program, and he has been practicing the philosophy of AHAN (Aikido Humanitarian Active Network) which Aikido Nippon Kan has been advocating. The alumnus is Cihan Karaogluol Sensei .
He has been active to make the practice of Aikido more popular in his own unique ways that he has developed from a world view he had learned during his time as an uchideshi and when he had traveled the world with me.
During my visit with him, he and I discussed how to structure and organize the WWY Project to help the disaster victims, especially the children, who are moving from the areas devastated by the earthquake.
Cihan Sensei’s literature includes the following:
Title: Dünün Savaşçıları Bugünün Liderleri Barcode:
Title: B.A.B.A. Subtitle: Baharatlı Anılar Biriktirme Atölyesi Barcode:
Title: Y Ekseninde Yaşam Barcode:
Reported by Gaku Homma
Kancho, AHAN Aikido Nippon Kan