Returning and Transfer Students

Returning Students

One of the principles of I have maintained as the Founder of Nippon Kan is not to contact any student or not to have anyone reach out to fellow Aikidoist if he or she suddenly stops coming to practice, and Nippon Kan has adhered to this policy and has not contacted anyone officially to solicit coming back. It’s simply because I understand that we all strive for living our lives the best we can, and our lives often get in the way of what we really want to do. In short, I know that students are not a full-time professional in the art of Aikido like myself, while I always wish for their return someday. Raising kids, working hard for one’s career and/or family, nurturing an intimate relationship or leaving such a relationship behind…, whatever life throws at us, our life is a dojo, a place of learning and growth. Whatever life stage we are in our lives, we are doing our best to deal with the cards we are dealt with. And it’s my hope that more of them who had to take a break from Aikido will come back when they are able to do so.

And rightfully so, many of former students often come back to Nippon Kan when their kid(s) have grown older and/or when their work schedule has shifted to allow them more time to pursue their interests.

When you are ready to return, simply come to the dojo office and tell us that you wish to return with your student number handy. You will only need to pay the monthly due for the month when you are returning to the Dojo and you can resume with the same belt rank that you held before your intermission from the practice of Aikido to start practicing Aikido again with the familiar faces you will see and new faces you will meet.

We look forward to your coming back!

Transfer Students

Aikido students new to the area are welcome to join Nippon Kan as a transfer student. There are no limitations or restrictions based on former style or affiliation. If a transferring student is interested in transferring rank, please report your current rank to office personnel. Because rank is not determined by testing at Nippon Kan, we ask transfer students to attend general and beginning classes to become familiar with Nippon Kan style, philosophy and rules of etiquette. After a period of observation, rank transfers can be granted. In accordance with Japanese martial art tradition, students may not transfer into Nippon Kan if the applicant was not in good standing at their previous dojo. Students over the rank of 3rd kyu need to have a letter of recommendation from their previous instructor.

To All Visiting Aikidoists…

All out-of-town guests are welcome to practice at Nippon Kan. Mat fees for one class are $7.00 ($12.00 for two consecutive classes). Long-term live-in study programs are also available. Please contact Nippon Kan for more information about the Uchideshi Program.