WWY (We are With You) Project in Istanbul, Turkey

I visited Turkey in support of NGO activities.
I discussed with Ali Uludag Shihan in Istanbul, my longtime friend and Aikikai 7th dan , what we possibly could do as Aikido Dojo in the aftermath of the big earthquake to help the people in need, and we decided to organize a seminar to raise funds in support of WWY initiatives which are part of AHAN (Aikido Humanitarian Active Network) activities.
46 participants joined the seminar, and all the proceeds from the seminar were donated to AKUT – Search and Rescue Association.
It is my wish support activities like this will prompt other organizations to follow suit to spread the spirit of benevolence through actions.
Thank you! to Ali Shihan and every student who participated in the seminar.
Reported by Gaku Homma
Kancho of AHAN Aikido Nippon Kan

A picture from when Ali-sensei invited me to Nihonbashi 20 years ago.