Testimonials from the Okaeri dojo

AHAN garden project crew 11-04.

Marco Bernardete
It was an emotional experience, the land turned out, mud, rocks, people falling, like the Babel tower. And a new birth, the garden.

It was full of emotions.

It was incredible. Doing a Japanese garden!

Marcio Fontes
Homma Sensei surprised me working, singing, and planning for next day. All this with happiness.
Thank you.

It was days to learn how to realize and forget about obstacles.
Living now and building today.
Thank you.

It was a fascinating experience. All problems were solved. The philosophy into activities. This is harmony!

Sensei, I never saw a Japanese Garden. I was much honored to participate above all with fun.
Thank you very much

The expereince was fantastic. I could not beleive we could do it. But with Sensei´s power, we did it. I will never say: I cannnot do it.
Thank you

I worked in this garden for years now. But this was different!
Now the garden is under my responsibility and I am proud about it. I will take care of it with love.

It was a new experience in my life.

It was incredible to build a Japanese Garden in my town.

It was great!

I loved to participate in building the Garden.

I just loved it! Sensei giving directions to all! That is universal language,
and the creation is pure art. Another gift from Sensei.