Aikido classes are about to begin!

Aikido classes are about to begin!
Since Bilay House was inaugurated 12 years ago, I have been telling the children that I am just a restaurant owner and I have never told anyone about my Aikido side; however, because how information spreads has drastically been changing nowadays, some children seem to have found out about the other side of who I am.
Although I had not taught a very basic Aikido class, figuratively speaking a class to teach from the zero level, I decided to go back to the basics and give it a go.
Pom Sensei, an Aikido instructor from the city of Chiang Mai whom I met during my seminar in Oman, and her student Bee-san and AHAN coordinator and my wife Hom-san, and Adist-san, a former Nippon Kan student who has come home and is currently residing in Thailand and Hien-san, a Nippon Kan board member, joined the class as teaching assistants.
The main purpose of having Aikido classes at this facility is to promote and foster communication between high school- and college-aged Aikido practitioners, regardless of their Aikido styles or organizational affiliations, and the children, who are living at the facility in Thailand after having to flee their home country of Myanmar for different reasons, to learn from one another through practicing Aikido together.
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