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Fundamentals Class (includes Weapon Techniques)

6 weeks-18 classes, $35.00 wow!

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About Fundamentals Aikido Class

“Aikido Fundamentals” is a course for those who are wanting to learn & experience the art of Aikido again or for the first time.

Fundamental movements of Aikido come from “sword movements” and “spear movements” that Japanese Samurai had to master long ago.

However, Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido, had denied the movements of weapons that were designed to take away the lives of human beings, and after the end of the World War II, he started to advocate and devoted his life to develop a form of Budo that would be part of all things in nature and that would promote the spirit of love.

            In the recent years, the interest level among Aikidoists in Aikido’s Ken (*1) and Jo (*2) techniques has been on the rise, and Aikido Nippon Kan has decided to add 6 class sessions on weapons movements as part of the novice class “Aikido Fundamentals” to teach the commonality and consistent nature of each other between weapons movements and empty-hand techniques in Aikido, and that has been taught at Aikido Nippon Kan in upper level classes from over 40 years ago when Gaku Homma, the Founder & Kancho of Aikido Nippon Kan came to the U.S.

        Gaku Homma Kancho was the last ‘osobatsuki’ uchideshi (*3) to the Founder of Aikido, and the weapons class at Aikido Nippon Kan is taught according to how the Founder of Aikido had taught the movements & techniques in his late years.  What is taught at Aikido Nippon Kan has remained true to the tradition of Aikido as it had been taught by the Founder of the art, and no movie, anime or game has had any influence whatsoever over what is taught at Aikido Nippon Kan.

*1: A ‘Ken’ is a “katana (Japanese sword)” with the length of its forged steel blade ranging from 30cm up to 80cm per the Japanese regulation.  For “keiko = practice”, a wooden ‘ken’ is used to ensure safety.  The Founder of Aikido prohibited the use of metal swords in practice or in embu (demonstration), and the strict rule stands today in the Aikido of the Founder.

*2:  While a spear is a weapon, a ‘Jo’ is a long wooden staff in the length of about 50 inches without a sharp head, and a ‘Jo’ is used for practice purposes.

*3:  ‘Osobatsuki’ uchideshi is a special class of uchideshi who was not only permitted to live with the Founder of Aikido and his family, but also entrusted and allowed to take care of various aspects of daily life for the Founder of Aikido.

        Aikido Fundamentals course is made up of 16 classes of fundamentals on empty-hand techniques and newly added 6 classes of Ken & Jo movements, for the total of 18 classes over a period of 6 weeks.

        Classes are offered on weekdays with 2 classes on weekends, and if you miss a class in the Course you are enrolled in, you can still make it up by attending the other class of the same class contents from another Course.  Each Course is adhered to Aikido Nippon Kan’s lesson plan, and it’s highly recommended for any student to start with the first class to continue along the lesson plan; yet, even if you had to miss the first class as our lives sometimes get in the way, please don’t hesitate to consult with your instructor about how you could catch up with the rest of the Course.

Special Message for New Beginners from Aikido Nippon Kan Founder, Gaku Homma Kancho

Fundamentals Aikido Classes

aikido beginners in denver

Fundamentals Aikido classes at Nippon Kan are specially designed for beginning students with a carefully developed curriculum. Nippon Kan offers classes for beginning students with 18 sessions held per year.

Aikido Nippon Kan has been teaching Aikido in Denver for over 40 years and over 30,000 students have participated in the Nippon Kan fundamentals class program!

What is unique about Nippon Kan’s Fundamentals Classes?

  • Highly trained staff of instructors under the guidance of Gaku Homma Sensei, the Founder of Nippon Kan.
  • A Beginning curriculum perfected over 45 years of experience offers a well rounded introduction to the art of Aikido.
  • Unique traditional Japanese practice space with modern amenities.
  • No contracts, initiation fees or other hidden charges: The fee for beginners class sessions, held three times a week for six weeks is normally $65.00 – Now only $35.00.
  • Uniforms and equipment are not required for beginner’s class students. Loose comfortable clothing is sufficient. Uniforms are available in the office for $60.00

All classes are instructed by high-level licensed instructors with a curriculum developed just for beginners. A-Z Beginning Aikido. Each session 6 weeks -18 classes held twice a week. Classes are 1 hour 15 min.

Great opportunity to try something NEW!
The traditional Japanese Martial Art of Aikido!

Beginning Aikido Schedule for 2020

5:45pm – 7:00pm
Start DateJanuary 7, 2020End DateFebruary 13, 2020
Start DateFebruary 25, 2020End DateApril 2, 2020
Start DateApril 21, 2020End DateMay 28 2020
Start DateJune 16, 2020End DateJuly 23, 2020
Start DateAugust 11, 2020End DateSeptember 17, 2020
Start DateOctober 6, 2020End DateNovember 12, 2020
Start DateDecember 1, 2020End DateJanuary 7, 2021
Start DateJanuary 11, 2020End DateFebruary 16, 2020
Start DateMarch 7, 2020End DateApril 12, 2020
Start DateMay 2, 2020End DateJune 7, 2020
Start DateJune 27, 2020End DateAugust 2, 2020
Start DateAugust 22, 2020End DateSeptember 27, 2020
Start DateOctober 17, 2020End DateNovember 22, 2020

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How to Register

  • Register by regular mail.
    Download registration form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
    and send to Aikido Nippon Kan at:
    1365 Osage Street
    Denver Colorado, 80204
  • Register in person. Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before class begins to register in person.
  • Class fees of $35.00 may be paid in cash or by check. (credit cards not accepted). Class fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Valid Identification is also required for class registration.

You must be 16 years of age or older to attend the beginners class.

Nippon Kan Questions and Answers for Beginning Students

Q. How much experience does Nippon Kan have in teaching Aikido to beginners?

  • With over 40 years of experience, Nippon Kan opened in 1978 and has had over 25,000 students participate in Nippon Kan Beginning Aikido classes.

Q. Will I be able to do a martial art if I have no experience?

  • In our experience, a few of our beginning students have done martial arts in the past, but most students have had no experience in the martial arts before coming to Nippon Kan. Our beginning classes are carefully crafted to appeal to beginning students with no martial art experience and are fun and engaging by offering the fundamental movements and foundational training for those students who have more experience!

Q. How many students will be in the Beginner’s class?

  • Depending on the season, there are usually 10 to 20 students in each class. Many of our more advanced members join the classes to provide more one-on-one assistance at the beginner level.

Q. is there any support for beginners?

  • Yes! To help you achieve your goal of completing the Nippon Kan Beginning Aikido Class, we have designated a special Beginner’s Support Staff (BSS) just for you! You can identify them by the green sash that will be attached to their belts. These special BSS staff members have recently completed the Nippon Kan Beginning Aikido class series and have been training at Nippon Kan from 6 months to two years. Having recently been beginners themselves, these staff members will be able to help you with any questions you might have or thoughts or concerns. We also offer an “after class social gathering” in the Domo Restaurant for members to meet, and discuss the class while enjoying the Award winning Japanese Country food.

Q. What are the qualifications of the Instructors teaching Aikido at Nippon Kan?

  • Instructors at Nippon Kan are not selected for their technical skills and experience alone, but are selected also for their personality and ability to teach others in a leadership position.

In addition to our qualified instructors, Nippon Kan also has a Beginners Support Staff (BSS) who are there to answer questions and support your practice at Nippon Kan. BSS members have been practicing at Nippon Kan from 6 months to 2 years; so they are able to easily relate to the Beginner experience!

Q. What is the age range of students at Nippon Kan?

  • Nippon Kan has students ranging in age from 7 to 80! However in our Beginners’ classes the usual age range is 20’s -40’s, from many different professions and backgrounds.

Q. Can women train at Nippon Kan?

  • Since the practice of Aikido relies more on technique than strength, Aikido is the ideal martials art for women. We have many women that practice at Nippon Kan; with a large and growing number who have achieved black belt ranking and have played important roles in Nippon Kan’s instruction and activities. So the answer is YES, women are more than welcome to practice at Nippon Kan!

Q. What is the structure of the Aikido practice at Nippon Kan?

  • All classes begin with warm-up stretching lead by the class instructor. After warm-ups, the instructor will demonstrate a technique in great detail with careful explanation. Students then pair with other students to practice the technique shown. Beginning students usually pair with BSS or other more advanced members for one-on-one instruction. Students change partners regularly through the class to practice with different partners.

Q. How are students promoted?

  • All students who complete the 12 classes of their beginners’ class will receive a graduation certificate. Any beginning student who attended at least 6 of the 12 classes are eligible to join Nippon Kan as a regular member. As a regular member, students are welcome to take classes, join activities and seminars suited to their experience level and rank. Promotions are based on attendance in both classes and activities and technical development.

Q. How many times are Beginner classes held each week?

  • There are 3 Beginners class sessions offered on a rotating basis. For each session, classes are held twice a week for six weeks. During the six-week session, there are many opportunities to make up any missed classes in other on-going sessions.

Q. How many classes are available after Beginner’s class?

  • Nippon Kan offers 16 classes per week to our regular members and general, beginning, technical, advanced and weapons classes are available every week. Membership is only $60.00 per month (with family discounts offered) and there are NO contracts, fees or long term commitments to join.

Q. Is practice hard?

  • Although Aikido has been described as “moving Zen”, it is a Japanese martial art with a lot of movement. More than anything, Aikido requires practice, and a commitment to learn at your own pace. In our Beginner classes, safety is the highest priority therefore Beginner classes are designed to start with soft whole-body movements; stretching, twisting, turning, falling down safely and getting up safely. The practice is well balanced to develop proper movement and breathing coordination. Aikido practice develops “Ki” a concept of mind-body interaction.

Q. What is the difference between Nippon Kan and other Aikido dojos in Denver?

  • Nippon Kan Founder, Gaku Homma Sensei was the last live-in student (uchideshi) to the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. Homma Sensei practiced Aikido directly from the Founder and cared for him daily. Therefore Nippon Kan is lead by a first generation instructor under the Founder Ueshiba. There are no other dojos in Colorado instructed by a direct student of the Founder Ueshiba. Link here for more information on Homma Sensei and all Nippon Kan instructors

There are a few dojos in the Denver area but none with the tradition, lineage or experience of Nippon Kan. Tomiki Aikido and Ki Aikido in Denver are different forms of Aikido derived from early teachings of the Founder Ueshiba.

Q. What is the atmosphere like in Aikido classes at Nippon Kan?

  • The philosophy of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba was that “Aikido is not a martial art to be used to defeat an opponent; it is a martial art to be used to understand one’s self”. In keeping with this philosophy, Nippon Kan Aikido has no tournaments or competitions. Practice is held in a peaceful atmosphere of cooperation, encouragement and shared learning.

Q. What is the Beginners class curriculum?

  • Nippon Kan has been teaching beginning Aikido classes in Denver for over 40 years. Based on these decades of experience, a well-rounded curriculum has been created that introduces many of Nippon Kan’s basic techniques and applications. The classes are informative, fun and highly instructional. We do not offer any “free trial classes”, but instead offer a six-week curriculum designed especially for beginners.

Q. What do I need for Beginners class?

  • There is no equipment or uniform required for Beginners class. Just wear something loose and comfortable. Students are not required to buy a uniform until after they have completed the Beginners class and have decided they would like to continue with their practice. Uniforms are available in the Nippon Kan office for $60.00.

Q. May I observe a class?

  • Nippon Kan has observation from Monday-Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. and Sat-Sun at 8:45 am. You may observe part of a class during these times and our staff will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Q. What else does the Nippon Kan facility have to offer?

  • There are dressing rooms and showers available to all students and a secure area in the office to store student valuables during class times. Nippon Kan also houses Domo Restaurant and as a student you are eligible to order special meals at Domo’s Musubi Bar at special student rates!

Q. What other events and projects are held at Nippon Kan?

  • Community service has been part of the Nippon Kan curriculum for the past 27 years and there are opportunities to help prepare meals for those in need in Denver on a monthly basis, bi-annual beautification projects with Denver Parks and Recreation and other special international projects during the year.
    • Denver parks beautification and reclamation projects
    • Monthly Meal Service for those in need in Denver
    • Live-in student leadership training (uchideshi) programs
    • Denver school cultural field trip program
    • World-wide martial art support and development programs
    • Various humanitarian support programs, e.g. donations of bag of rice, the provision of funding for medical needs and educational opportunities to the children in need at AHAN supported facilities, on a regular and irregular basis as needed in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal.
    • The provision of resources to help the operations of shelters for orphans and children in need in Thailand and Myanmar.
    • And many more…read more AHAN articles on the Nippon Kan web site at

Q. What is the benefit of learning Aikido?

  • The practice of Aikido develops attitude, confidence and character in many ways. Aikido benefits the student in self knowledge, balance, focus, and physical exercise. You can see this in our students at Nippon Kan; come and see for yourself!

Q. What do we study at Aikido Nippon Kan?

  • Please feel free to stop by the dojo and observe a class for a few minutes. Our trained office staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have. For a detailed description of Nippon Kan’s operations, programs and projects, Homma Sensei’s book, Aikido Sketch Diary: Dojo 365 Days, is available on this website at and is highly-recommended reading.

Q. When are Youth classes offered?

  • Youth program classes are offered every Saturday, beginning at 10:00 am., for students 7 to 15 years of age. Nippon Kan currently has over 80 young members enrolled in our Youth program making it the largest Youth program offered in Colorado. Children and their parents are welcome to come down and observe a class at 10:00 am each Saturday. Classes are $25.00 per month (with family discounts available for multiple family members) and more information is available at

Nippon Kan’s philosophy on teaching children is detailed in Homma Sensei’s on-line book: Children and the Martial Arts—An Aikido Point of View, is highly-recommended reading.

Q. What if I’ve practiced Aikido before, or what if I’m a member of another dojo?

  • Aikido Nippon Kan welcomes students of any Aikido style. Please observe a general class for a few minutes and choose a class level you are comfortable with. You are welcome to join us!