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198members of the Nepalese Army Aikido performed an embu in front of the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal and other Nepalese dignitaries, high-ranking Nepalese military officials and ambassadors and other dignitaries from other nations during this year’s commemorative Army Day.
1000 than more Aikido instructors have been trained thus far at Aikido Instructor Training Dojo in one of Nepamlese Army Rangers Bases, and these instructors have led and taught Aikido training courses at different locations, including military bases in Nepal, Officer Candidate School in Nepal, Nepalese Military Police, Nepalese K9 units and U.N. Peacekeepers from different countries, and over from 2011 3500 people have been trained to date.
The practice of Aikido was introduced first to the nation of Nepal in 2005 by Gaku Homma, Founder and Kancho of Aikido Nippon Kan based in Denver, Colorado of the U.S.A., and WOII Dan Gurung (Ret.) was extremely instrumental to introduce the practice of Aikido within the Nepalese Army. 62 elite soldiers, led by WOII Dan Gurung (Ret.), were selected to be dispatched to Aikido Nippon Kan in Denver, Colorado in the U.S. as instructor candidates for a long term special train-the-trainer training program, and these Nippon Kan-trained instructors have been essential in continuing to support and develop the practice of Aikido in Nepal today.