On the Nippon Kan and AHAN Activities in Brazil

One of the operating philosophies of Nippon Kan is “activities beyond style or organization.”I believe that for one’s own shugyo, or martial art’s practice, the biggest danger can be losing oneself in politics, affiliations and power. I remind myself of this danger regularly in my own practice, and it is also a part of Nippon Kan philosophy.

Too much today, I see instructors that hide themselves in the uniform of a particular organization, and brandish about their titles about like dull swords. I also remind myself not to ever become like this. In the world of today, Aikido instructors should not have time for idle play or small minded actions; there is too much work to be done in our communities.

In the last few years, Nippon Kan and AHAN (Aikido Humanitarian Active Network) have been very active in Brazil supporting humanitarian and community development projects. The number of Brazilian students regardless of style or affiliation that have joined in these projects for the betterment of their communities has been growing. In all of the projects I have been involved with in Brazil, all students have been welcome, and it has always been encouraged for students to take ideas for community development back to their own dojos, organizations and communities.

If you read about the AHAN activities in Brazil on the Nippon Kan website, it is easy to see what the focus of these projects have been, and together what has been accomplished. All AHAN projects are independent activities of Nippon Kan, and are not associated with Aikikai. Any student participating in any AHAN project is never qualified by rank, style or affiliation; it is never a consideration.

The students we have met in Brazil are wise and giving people, and see how AHAN activities can benefit them in their own communities. AHAN Rio has most recently gained the status of OSCIP or Social Organization of Public Interest. This is the highest level of recognition that a non-profit organization can have in Brazil, and we are all very proud that AHAN Rio has achieved such public recognition.
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Gaku Homma Nippon Kan Kancho