What has been happening at Aikido Nippon Kan over the last two years?

The coronavirus pandemic, which has created chaos throughout the world, seems to have become more under control recently in different regions. As such, many of us are trying our best to bring back the pre-COVID normalcy while continuing best practices for infection prevention measures.

Since early 2020, Aikido Nippon Kan has had to be resilient and adaptive given disruptive waves of COVID-19. However, because a certain level of health stability has occurred in Denver, we have decided to re-open the Dojo with a smaller number of regularly scheduled classes than we have had in the past.

Since 1978, Aikido Nippon Kan has been active not only to make the practice of Aikido more popular in local communities, to help local communities through various volunteering opportunities, to extend our reach to teach Aikido in foreign countries, and lead humanitarian support activities to help people in need abroad. However, under the coronavirus pandemic, Aikido Nippon Kan had to inevitably, but temporarily, suspend many of its activities. Yet, as the Dojo has had to be maintained, a small group of active members have continued to come to the Dojo to practice on their own, while the Meals Support Project has also continued.

Infection prevention has been the number one priority and biggest action item for Nippon Kan. Training in Aikido is a way to help us pursue a fulfilling life in good health and with good spirit, and with this most fundamental thinking, I did not hesitate in my judgement to temporarily close the Dojo. The Nippon Kan Aikido that I have taught for nearly 45 years at Nippon Kan has not changed, despite this break, and I rather see now as a chance to let in a fresh breeze of air – as if making a fresh start.

Nippon Kan’s public relations have stalled for a long time and this Homepage has been without updates. While we have updated some information here, please be advised that the website is still experiencing updates behind the scenes.

Please check out the “New Class Schedule” to learn the latest information about class offerings.


New Class Schedule for the Homepage:

 New Class Schedule (for the time being; subject to change):

·       On Wednesdays in the evening from 5:30PM ‾ 7:00PM

·       On Saturdays in the morning from 9:00AM ‾ 10:30AM

 The classes noted above are for regular members only.

 These classes will be taught by Homma Kancho.