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2019 Summer Seminar
~ A Collaboration between the Nepali Army Rangers Aikido Unit and Aikido Nippon Kan ~

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Demo and Class Highlights

International AHAN Activity videos (NEW)

Official Notice

Nippon Kan General Headquarters- AHAN Video Collection

All OFFICIAL Nippon Kan and AHAN videos created by Nippon Kan General Headquarters in Denver, Colorado USA were filmed, directed and produced by Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho and Nippon Kan staff. All rights are reserved. No Nippon Kan OFFICIAL video may be used by any organization for the purposes of promotion or the solicitation of any donations or fundraising activities. Nippon Kan Headquarters does not have affiliate satellite dojos and does not solicit donations or funds of any kind through its videos or activities. If any person is aware of any activity by a group attempting to use Nippon Kan OFFICIAL videos for solicitation purposes, please notify Nippon Kan at

The entire OFFICIAL Nippon Kan and AHAN video collection may be viewed at:

Any video for public viewing not titled OFFICIAL was not produced by Nippon Kan General Headquarters in Denver and has no relationship to this organization.