Starting the New Year and New Initiatives at Bilay House

About 60 people live together at Bilay House. Improved oversight structure is being put in place to make sure a safe and healthy living environment for them while I continue being an advisor and a supporter, with your warm support and understanding, for the facility.
I will be returning soon to the frigid weather in Denver from Thailand where it’s comfortable to be in a short-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of shorts.
Photographed are from various activities at Bilay House, including 1) renovations of boys’ dormitory, 2) curry and rice by Sensei, everyone’s favorite!, 3) a seminar for a group of high school aged children to start carrying out safety inspections, 4) practicing Aikido (of course!), and 5) Pastor Bilay and Hom, a AHAN coordinator and my wife.