Tobikomi Keiko


For all Aikidoists who can not take a month off!

What Is Tobikomi Keiko?

The main purposes of Tobikomi Keiko are to learn and widen your repertoire of skills and/or to deepen your thought process by visiting and practicing at Dojos whose teaching styles are different from yours. The literal translation of “Tobikomi Keiko” is “Dive-in Practice”. It’s a traditional Japanese way to practice.

Ground Rules:

Participating Aikidoists will not need to tell us who they are currently affiliated with, and Nippon Kan will not ask anyone such a question. In general, any Aikidoist at the level of the 3rd Kyu and above can participate. However, any participant will be expected to be physically able to endure tough physical fitness training. Please refer to the video clip(s) for the types of physical training participants are expected to go through.

Keiko (Practice) Period:

During the “Summer Keiko (Practice) Marathon”, you are welcomed to participate in only one class, or for a few days of Keiko sessions, or longer. The peak times of the “Summer Keiko (Practice) Marathon” is from August 10th ~ August 20th. It’s strongly suggested to join the “Summer Keiko (Practice) Marathon” during this period, if at all possible.

Class Fees:

One Keiko session (75 minute-long per session): USD 15.00

One Keiko session and one night of stay at the Dojo (with supper and breakfast): USD 25.00

How to Apply:

Please email to the following email address to the attention of Matt, at least one day prior to the day of your arrival at the Dojo.
Attention: Matt

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Check out the “2017 UCHIDESHI 30 Day Challenge” for details on the full seminar.