Nippon Kan Youth Program

Aikido Nippon Kan has decades of firsthand experiences teaching youth classes, here at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado and in many countries across the world!

Limited Time Offer for New Youth Program Members: Try Aikido for Free!! For new students, we are offering free Youth Program membership April through September 2023.

Eligibility: Youth between the ages of 7 and 13

(High school students at the age of 14 and older can sign up for beginners’ classes or regular classes with approval from Homma Kancho)

Hours of Practice: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays

Youth Program Membership Fee: $25 per month per child. Each additional child in the same household is an additional $15 per month. For example, if two children from the same family attend the Youth program, the total cost is $35 per month.

No promotional fees

No requirement to purchase a uniform

Please review Nippon Kan’s website and Nippon Kan’s Facebook page to see if Aikido Nippon Kan will be a right choice for your child/children to learn Budo.

Aikido Nippon Kan’s website:

Aikido Nippon Kan’s Facebook page:

About Aikido Nippon Kan’s Youth classes:

Visits by Appointment Only: An appointment must be made if you want to come and check out our dojo. If you have questions about our dojo or the Youth Program, please call 303-595-8256 and leave a voicemail. A representative will call you back as soon as possible.

For information about regular classes and beginners’ classes, please check out Nippon Kan’s homepage: