Seminar for AHAN Mindanao Learning Center in the Philippines

November 4, 2011


Nov 4-6th, 2011 November 4th-6th, Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch visited Illigan AHAN Mindanao Learning Center to receive updates and to advise on AHAN Mindanao activities. While there, Emily Sensei spent three days teaching students Aikido at the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center. As one of its many activities, the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center offers an Aikido program that has …

Nippon Kan Vice President, Emily Busch visits the Nepal Army Rangers

October 31, 2011


Oct 31st-Nov 2nd, 2011 Over the last six years, under Homma Kancho’s guidance and support, Nippon Kan Aikido has become an important part of basic training for the Nepal Army Rangers troops throughout Nepal. Currently there are generations of instructors who now assist Chief Instructor Rajesh Bista in the training of literally thousands of young cadets as part of their …

Aikido Seminars in Mindanao, Philippines

October 7, 2010


October 7th-12th, 2010 When Homma Kancho and attending uchideshi alumni visited Mindanao, Philippines to supervise the construction of the new AHAN Mindanao Learning Center, they also visited Aikido dojos in Illigan City that Ava Sensei is involved with to teach and work with students in Aikido; an art that is blossoming under the care of Ava Sensei and her dedicated …

Guatemala Aikido Seminar-Scott Olson Sensei Visits

August 6, 2010


Aug 6-10, 2010 An Aikido seminar practice was held in Guatemala City, Guatemala for Aikidoka led by Pablo Benafe Sensei. The practice was instructed by Nippon Kan General Headquarters, Central and South America Division Coordinator, Scott Olson Sensei, and assisted by Nippon Kan General Headquarters senior uchideshi, Michele Zanrei. It is Nippon Kan policy and philosophy not to have branch …

Homma Kancho’s Overseas Seminar Instruction Report

June 24, 2010


Islamic Aikido Federation Seminar Casablanca, Morocco June 24-27, 2010 About 1000 aikidoka attended this seminar sponsored by the Royal Maroc Aikido Federation under Chief Instructor Alaoui M’Barek Sensei. This Islamic Aikido Federation seminar was the second seminar this year I have instructed in Casa Blanca. The seminar was held at the Mohammed V Sports Arena and attended by Islamic students …

Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai, Saito Jukucho Visits Aikidoka in Myanmar

May 26, 2010


May 26-June 5, 2010 Homma Kancho was accompanied by Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai no Saito Jukucho on his trip to Myanmar in May. Saito Jukucho accompanied Homma Kancho as an observer of AHAN international humanitarian projects in Myanmar. Saito Jukucho also met with Umya Sein Sensei, Chief Instructor of the Myanmar Aikikai New Organization in Yangon. This meeting …

Royal Morocco Aikido Seminar-Over 860 Students in Attendance

February 26, 2010


Feb 26th -March 2nd, 2010 Even though it was a national holiday in Morocco with the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, over 860 students traveled from all parts of Morocco to attend a special two-day seminar instructed by Nippon Kan Kancho, Gaku Homma at the Complexe Spirtif Mohamed V Stadium in Casa Blanca. This seminar was hosted …

Philippines, Mindanao Island; Annual Visit by Homma Kancho

February 14, 2010


Feb 14-24, 2010 Early this spring, Homma Sensei came to visit our island home of Mindanao, Philippines. He came to teach us in Illigan City, Malawi City and for the first time in Davao City. In Illigan City, Homma Kancho instructed our students at our Illigan AHAN Mindanao Aikido Nippon Kan dojo and also at the Mindanao Technical University (ITT). …

Nepal, Army Ranger 2nd Seminar of 2009

December 2, 2009


December 2nd -12th, 2009  Homma Kancho visited the Nepal Army Rangers this past December in Kathmandu, Nepal for the second time this year. 600 soldiers from each Nepal Army Ranger Company; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo participated in this extended training event. An outside three-hour practice was held each morning for enlisted rangers utilizing Nippon Kan NSDT (Nippon Kan …

Turkey, City of Bursa Seminar

October 16, 2009


October 16-18, 2009 Homma Kancho returned from Morocco to Turkey on October 13th. I have heard Homma Kancho mention that he would like to spend a few days relaxing in Istanbul someday without teaching and work to be done. After Homma Kancho returned from Morocco, I, Megumi Machi, AHAN Turkey Coordinator and my husband Vecihi took the opportunity to take …

Morocco, Homma Kancho Returns.

October 7, 2009


Oct 7-12, 2009 While visiting Turkey this past October to teach a series of Aikido seminars, Homma Kancho took a few days to visit Morocco. It had been four years since Homma Kancho had been able to visit Morocco and he was looking forward to meeting up with old friends. My name is Bryon, and I traveled from Nippon Kan …

Nippon Kan General Headquarters Delegation Practice with Myanmar Aikidoka

September 14, 2009


Sept 14, 17, 19, 2009 A delegation of six from Nippon Kan Headquarters visited Myanmar Aikikai New Organization, under U Mya Sein Sensei at two of their dojos in Myanamar; the first in the capital city of Yangon and the other in the city of Mandalay. Aikido practice in Myanmar began in 1951, making its history one of the …

United Arab Emirates

August 17, 2009


Aug 12-17, 2009 My name is Mariusz Ferenc and I currently live in Ireland. I met Homma Kancho and Cihan Karaogluol in the Abu Dhabi airport on August 12th, 2009 after Homma Kancho had finished his seminar tour in Egypt. I met Homma Kancho in Abu Dhabi to serve as his assistant in events scheduled there. This coming November, Homma …

Arabic Republic of Egypt Alexandria and Cairo Seminar

August 6, 2009


Aug 6th-11th, 2009 My name is Cihan Karaogluol and I live in Izmir, Turkey. I met Homma Kancho at the Cairo, Egypt airport on August 6th, 2009 to serve as his assistant for this seminar tour to Alexandria and Cairo. Homma Kancho has been to the historical city of Alexandria and the capital city of Cairo before, having traveled to …

Nepal Aikido Association Annual Seminar

February 26, 2009


Feb 26th-March 4th, 2009 Over 200 people attended this annual spring seminar conducted by Homma Kancho at the Nepal Multiple Martial Art Center. A unique mixture of Nepalese regular army soldiers, Nepal armed police, civilians and students made up the attending student body. The seminar was held for three days, and the group was divided into two levels of experience. …