Philippines, Mindanao Island; Annual Visit by Homma Kancho


Feb 14-24, 2010

Seminar for Illigan city police.

Seminar for Illigan city police.

Early this spring, Homma Sensei came to visit our island home of Mindanao, Philippines. He came to teach us in Illigan City, Malawi City and for the first time in Davao City.

In Illigan City, Homma Kancho instructed our students at our Illigan AHAN Mindanao Aikido Nippon Kan dojo and also at the Mindanao Technical University (ITT). Aikido has been accepted at the university as part of their accredited physical education program and about 240 students practice at the university in 6 classes of 40 students. While in Illigan City, Homma Sensei also instructed the Illigan City Police Department in introductory Nippon Kan NSDT (Nippon Kan Self Defense Techniques) for law enforcement.

After finishing a busy schedule in Illigan, Homma Sensei and six Iligan Aikidoka traveled to Davao for a first Aikido seminar instructed by Homma Sensei in that city. Four Aikido groups with about 50 students assembled at the Atendeo De Davao University for this seminar. Many thanks to the organizers and students in Davao for putting together a wonderful seminar event.

 Illigan dojo members.

Homma Kancho with Maj General Corais and Ava.

Homma Kancho with Maj General Corais and Ava.

On this visit to Mindanao, Homma Sensei also made time to travel to Malawi City to visit Maj. General Corais. Maj. General Corais’s grandfather was Japanese and Maj. General Corais now is a local leader in the Islamic-anti-government resistance movement. Homma Sensei first came to Malawi a few years ago to teach Aikido to the young Islamic people of the village and since that time I return to Malawi on a regular basis to continue the Aikido instruction there.

While in the Philippines, Mindanao AHAN Nippon Kan and Homma Sensei worked on a local AHAN activity of which details and video can be found in the next section of this report.

Written by
Mindanao AHAN Coordinator
Ava Yancha