Home Alone and Holding Down the Fort!

October 24, 2018


Aikido Nippon Kan’s Annual Fall Volunteer Event has been held at this time of the year for the past 27 years, and this year’s volunteer event was held on October 13. Aikido Nippon members and their families & friends gathered in Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown Denver again this year to turn the flowerbeds to “put the …

A mysterious 7-year long journey of a weapons bag

September 10, 2018


Here’s the story of how I got Frank Gordon’s weapons told by Nippon-kan Weapons Instructor Chris A. My friend, who lives across the street from City Park had seen the a blue bag lying on the sidewalk next to the street, which he thought might have camping gear in it, so he left it there assuming someone would eventually come …

Congratulations! for the 30th Year Anniversary for International Enshin Karate!

April 22, 2018


  A jubilant and energetic anniversary celebration event was held to commemorate the 30th year milestone since the founding of International Enshin Karate by Joko Ninomiya Kancho. A celebratory reception was held at DOMO Japanese Country Foods Restaurant with over 100 people from all over the world in attendance to respect and celebrate the Enshin Karate founder, Joko Ninomiya Kancho’s …

Welcome Enshin Karate Team from Japan for the 2018 WORLD SABAKI CHALLENGE

April 20, 2018


   A team of 15 Enshin Karate members from Japan stayed at Nippon Kan again this year to participate in this year’s WORLD SABAKI CHALLENGE which will take place on April 21. Tetsuji Hayashi Sensei, a team leader and the Head Master of Enshin Karate Japan, was an uchideshi at Enshin Karate Headquarters in Denver from 1992 for 3 years, …

Welcome to Denver! ​How many Aikido techniques can you come up with from looking at the Sculpture???

March 23, 2018


“Irimi Nage”, “Shiho Nage”, “Kote Gaeshi”, “Ushiro Tekubi Tori”, and probably many, many more…   Aikido Nippon Kan is only less than a mile to the southwest from where the sculpturein the photo stands. A well-known Japanese Country Food Restaurant DOMO is also located on the same property. Please come check us out whenever you are in the greater Denver …

The Legacy of Mr. Stanley Pranin

March 20, 2018


     Nowadays, all kinds of information are accessible from our hand-held mobile devices.  Information related to Aikido is no exception.  A wide spectrum of information, from texts, still images and video clips is available.  And even in a category of videos alone, there are hard-core & flamboyant styles of Aikido on one side and ‘no-touch’ styles of Aikido on …

What are you looking for…???

March 20, 2018


AHAN Nippon Kan has been serving free Homeless Meals once a month since 1990.  Following the monthly, members of Aikido Nippon Kan and DOMO restaurant volunteer staffs helped serve this month’s free meals to the homeless, and 220 meals were served.  The total number of meals served to date is now 85,244. While we serve hundreds of meals every month, …

Where should Children be Guided To?

January 23, 2018


Photos from a field trip. ​Aikido Nippon Kan had visited almost all the elementary and middle schools in the Greater Denver area about 40 years ago to do Aikido demonstrations and to offer school children an educational opportunity about Japanese cultures and a Budo of Aikido from Japan, when even the word “Aikido” was not commonly recognized.  On a busy …

The First Meal Service in 2018

January 21, 2018


On a snowy day, a rainy day or an extremely hot day…, Or, on a day we feel exhausted and hopeless, devastated by a natural disaster…, Or, on a day when bullets fly over our heads…, Or, on a normal day after having done a day’s work…, We All Get Hungry. Hearty meals give us hope and a sense of …

KEIKO HAJIME at Nippon Kan

January 9, 2018


https://www.facebook.com/nkdojo22/videos/1232551900223045/ KEIKO HAJIME,稽古始め i.e. the First KEIKO of the Year, was held at Aikido Nippon Kan. The DOJO was decorated in a traditional fashion, and the KEIKO HAJIME was led by Gaku Homma Kancho, the Founder of Nippon Kan, solemnly and warmly. https://www.facebook.com/nkdojo22/videos/1232555716889330/ The KEIKO HAJIME started with a recital of the Amatsu Norito 天津祝詞prayer dedicated to the Founder of …

稽古納め KEIKO OSAME= Last Practice of the Year 2017

December 31, 2017


The KEIKO OSAME= Last Practice session for the year 2017 was held at Aikido Nippon Kan with the preparations to welcome the New Year Decoration in place! The First Class of the Year (Keiko hajime 稽古始め) starts at 6:00PM (sign-in begins at 5:00PM) on January 4, 2018.  Don’t be late!


December 12, 2017


Hiromi Matsuoka’s fluid motion and Aikido movements to execute a series of Aikido techniques are backed by her dedication to basic physical training by which she has been able to maintain her strong legs and core muscles to keep a low center of gravity for stability, strength and flexibility. Many people have viewed and shown keen interest in the video …

AHAN Meal Services at 3 different places: Kathmandu, Nepal; Yangon, Myanmar; Denver, CO, U.S.A.

November 25, 2017


AHAN Meal Support Service Activities are a class of humanitarian activity that Aikido Nippon Kan Students and AHAN-supported School staffs & students voluntarily provide. The photo was taken on November 18 during an AHAN humanitarian activity by the Nepalese Army Rangers at a historic nursing home in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Young soldiers and AHAN Nepal’s WWY (We are With You) children …

2017 Year-End Party Why in November … and what 師走 (Shiwasu) is.

November 17, 2017


Homma Kancho explained why the Macho Party was held out in the cold: “It feels not right and lonely not to have a Year End Party.  But there are many people in the countries in Asia where AHAN provides humanitarian support activities who are not sure whether they can be blessed with the next meal.  I still struggle to fathom …