Seminar for AHAN Mindanao Learning Center in the Philippines


Nov 4-6th, 2011


November 4th-6th, Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch visited Illigan AHAN Mindanao Learning Center to receive updates and to advise on AHAN Mindanao activities. While there, Emily Sensei spent three days teaching students Aikido at the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center. As one of its many activities, the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center offers an Aikido program that has attracted many new students who under Ava Yancha Sensei’s guidance are taught well the importance of principled practice and reaching out to their community.

Students worked on Nippon Kan taijutsu open-hand technique and bokken and jo relationships together with great spirit and growing skill.

Written by
Emily Busch
Nippon Kan Vice President
AHAN International Program Director