Nippon Kan Delegation visit Nepal and India

January 26, 2006


January 26-Feb 8th, 2006 written by E Busch Nepal Nepal Aikido Association Formed. The visit to Nepal was at the invitation of martial art groups organized under the Nepalese Government National Sports Council. This visit was Homma Kancho’s second visit to Nepal, and on this visit he conducted a three-day seminar for local Nepalese martial artists. Homma Kancho was accompanied …

Republic of Azerbaijan National Police Academy Aikido Demonstration Seminar

September 28, 2005


Sept 28-29th, 2005 written by Nejef Hasanov Azerbaijan Television After his visit to Turkey had come to an end, Homma Kancho and Ali San Sensei left for the neighboring Republic of Azerbaijan. They had been invited to come to Azerbaijan by a local television station in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capitol. The station was interested in putting together an hour and a …

Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital Support Seminar

September 15, 2005


Sept 15-18th 2005   Nippon Kan AHAN General Headquarter IISA (Instructors in Support of AHAN) Instructor, Bolivar Ramirez Sensei of Shushinkan Dojo hosted this AHAN seminar in support of Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The seminar was held at the Puerto Rico University Mayaguez Campus Gymnasium. This was Homma Kancho’s second visit to Puerto Rico, and he was accompanied on this trip …