End of Year Meal Service at the Denver Rescue Mission

December 18, 2011


December 18th, 2011 The last meal service for the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission was held on December 18th, 2011. Deputy Consul General Hiromoto Oyama joined Homma Kancho and Nippon Kan volunteers at the Denver Rescue Mission to assist in Nippon Kan’s meal service for close to three hundred outside guests and staff.  Homma Kancho and Deputy Consul General …

From Bangladesh

December 15, 2011


AHAN Bangladesh Rice Support Report Dec 15th, 2011 June-Dec 2011 Madrasa Orphanage for Girls From June to December 2011, 3.5 tons of rice was delivered to the Madrasa Orphanage for Girls. Every monthly donation is recorded, photographed and receipts sent to headquarters in Denver. I must also report that the senior Elder of the Madrasa Orphanage, whom Homma Kancho has …

From Nepal

December 11, 2011


Aikido activity in Nepal has been growing at a rapid pace, and every month Nippon Kan Headquarters receives reports and photos of developing and new projects. Most activities are Nepal has many kinds of activity all over Nepal and reports every month. Most Aikido activities are based with Nepal Army Rangers therefore include military information that cannot be release to …

Returning to Myanmar for Future Project Planning

December 10, 2011


Dec 10-12, 2011 Homma Kancho traveled to Myanmar for a few days in December to meet with AHAN Myanmar Coordinator Nilar Than to check in on on-going activities and discuss plans for future projects for spring 2012. AHAN Myanmar Learning Center The AHAN Myanmar Learning Center in Yangon, open since June 2010 has become a solid part of the Yangon …

From the Philippines

December 9, 2011


AHAN Mindanao New School project Dec 9th 2011  New AHAN Mindanao project with the Taluntunan Elementary School On Friday December 9th, AHAN Mindanao began a new AHAN activity at the Taluntunan Elementary School for 163 1st to 4th grades and 43 preschool children. The school is located in the mountain areas of Pugaan outside of Illigan City in a very …

Stephanie Yap Sensei –Chief Instructor of Aikido of South Florida Seminar at Nippon Kan

December 3, 2011


Dec 3-4, 2011  Stephanie Yap Sensei, Chief Instructor of Aikido of South Florida teaching at Nippon Kan dojo in Denver. Stephanie Yap Sensei, Chief Instructor of Aikido of South Florida Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai USA taught an inspiring weekend seminar at Nippon Kan dojo in early December, 2011. The weather was unusually frigid that weekend with temperatures outside well …

Editors Corner

December 1, 2011


Editors Corner It has been well over six months since the last Nippon Kan website Activity Report updates which is a much longer interval than usual for Homma Kancho and our Nippon Kan staff. This has been an unusual busy year with many travels by Homma Kancho, new projects for AHAN and a tremendous project in March 2012 that will …

Nippon Kan Vice President Visits the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center, Illigan, Philippines  

November 4, 2011


Nov 4-7, 2011 Nippon Kan Vice President and AHAN International Program Director, Emily Busch traveled to Illigan City, Mindanao in the Philippines to meet with AHAN Mindanao Coordinator Ava Yancha and her students at the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center. It was a short visit, but with a core group of very enthusiastic students and genuine friends a lot was accomplished. …

Seminar for AHAN Mindanao Learning Center in the Philippines

November 4, 2011


Nov 4-6th, 2011 November 4th-6th, Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch visited Illigan AHAN Mindanao Learning Center to receive updates and to advise on AHAN Mindanao activities. While there, Emily Sensei spent three days teaching students Aikido at the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center. As one of its many activities, the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center offers an Aikido program that has …

Nippon Kan Vice President, Emily Busch visits the Nepal Army Rangers

October 31, 2011


Oct 31st-Nov 2nd, 2011 Over the last six years, under Homma Kancho’s guidance and support, Nippon Kan Aikido has become an important part of basic training for the Nepal Army Rangers troops throughout Nepal. Currently there are generations of instructors who now assist Chief Instructor Rajesh Bista in the training of literally thousands of young cadets as part of their …

Nippon Kan 21st Annual Fall Volunteer Project

October 15, 2011


Oct 15th, 2011 This year marked the 21st year anniversary of Nippon Kan’s Fall “Put the Beds to Bed” Volunteer Project with the Denver Parks Department. Nippon Kan actually founded this project in Denver 21 years ago with a project in Denver’s Cheesman Park turning the flower beds for winter. Soon after, the project was adopted by the Denver Parks …

From Myanmar

October 13, 2011


Time for Celebration October 13th, 2011 report The AHAN Myanmar Learning Center in Yangon held a party to celebrate in the national holiday in October, but in a special way. To share the spirit of celebration, students and staff prepared and served a special meal for underprivileged children in Yangon. It is founding principle of the AHAN that the AHAN …

Homma Kancho and Construction Team Head for Thailand: Work Begins on the Bilay House Orphanage

September 15, 2011


Sept 15-30, 2011 In mid-September, Homma Kancho and a team of construction volunteers left Denver for Ta Ko Lang Village, Thailand to begin construction on the new AHAN Thailand Bilay House Orphanage. Plans have already been drawn and the foundation laid for the new sleeping quarters for 30 children, dining and kitchen areas and a small chapel. The sole purpose …

Salida: Rocky Mountain Aikido Marathon Road Trip

September 3, 2011


Sept 3-4, 2011 The end of the marathon challenge was celebrated with “the Great Rocky Mountain Road Trip” to the historic town of Salida, about three hours west of Denver in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Yama Dojo, instructed by Rick Thompson Sensei, hosted the weekend practice in Salida. The caravan of students from Denver arrived early Saturday afternoon and a …