Salida: Rocky Mountain Aikido Marathon Road Trip


Sept 3-4, 2011

The end of the marathon challenge was celebrated with “the Great Rocky Mountain Road Trip” to the historic town of Salida, about three hours west of Denver in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Yama Dojo, instructed by Rick Thompson Sensei, hosted the weekend practice in Salida. The caravan of students from Denver arrived early Saturday afternoon and a three hour practice was held at Yama Dojo instructed by Homma Kancho. After practice everyone headed to the local hot springs for a bit of much appreciated R & R.

Some of the students from Denver camped, some stayed at a local hotel and some stayed at the dojo. On Sunday, practice was held outside in a beautiful high mountain meadow where Homma Kancho led weapons practice followed by a closing meditation. It was a perfect ending to an incredible month-long marathon.