Homma Kancho Attends the Bilay House Orphanage Grand Opening- Ta Ko Lang Village, Thailand


Dec 13th, 2011

Bilay House Orphanage Grand Opening

Bilay House Orphanage Grand Opening

With great anticipation, the Karen people of Ta Ko Lang had been preparing for days for the celebration of a small miracle; the opening of the new AHAN Bilay House Orphanage. Homma Kancho arrived in Ta Ko Lang Village on December 13th, 2011 bearing gifts; specifically, since it was the season, a 12 foot Christmas tree, an array of ornaments and of course a star for the very top!

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With decorations in place, and tables readied with a special feast for the occasion, most of the Karen people of village arrived dressed in their traditional finest. There were ceremonies, speeches by local dignitaries, Homma Kancho and Pastor Bilay. What had been a dream only six months ago had become a reality and the joy and sense of accomplishment and hope for the future filled the new rooms of the Bilay House Orphanage.

The celebration kicked into high gear with a feast of traditional delicacies followed by song and dance performances by local youth. All in all it was a day that will be long remembered in Ta Ko Lang as now the real work of caring for orphaned refugee children in their new facility begins.

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Initial construction finished…


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Time to Celebrate!