End of Year Meal Service at the Denver Rescue Mission


December 18th, 2011


The last meal service for the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission was held on December 18th, 2011. Deputy Consul General Hiromoto Oyama joined Homma Kancho and Nippon Kan volunteers at the Denver Rescue Mission to assist in Nippon Kan’s meal service for close to three hundred outside guests and staff.

 Homma Kancho and Deputy Consul General Oyama at the Denver Rescue Mission.

As this December in Denver has been one of the coldest on record, Homma Kancho brought 150 pairs of thermal socks to help Denver Rescue Mission residents ward off the cold. The mission receives tons of coats and sweaters, but not too many people donate underwear and socks! Therefore the socks were a popular gift and disappeared quickly amongst residents and staff!

The evening meal consisted of all the Denver Rescue Mission guests favorites: chicken curry and rice, cabbage and bacon, chicken gyoza, Japanese beef meatballs, spicy chicken salad, stir fried noodles and vegetables and dessert! Preparations for the evening meal services begin before 7:00 am at Nippon Kan Headquarters for Homma Kancho and the three meal services end about 9:00 pm. at the Denver Rescue Mission.

 Nippon Kan Active Response Team at work!

As always, the Nippon Kan staff of student volunteers did an outstanding job, closing out Nippon Kan’s 21st year of service with good cheer and good will. Thanks to all.

Written by
Roger Failor
Nippon Kan Youth Program Class Instructor


AHAN Nippon Kan Homeless Food Service Project Report

AHAN Nippon Kan Homeless Food Service Project Report

July 17th 325 meals served
August 21st 350 meals served
October 16th 350 meals served
November 20th 300 meals served
December 18th 295 meals served
Total meals served since 1991 meals served 65,138