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Time for Celebration

October 13th, 2011 report

The AHAN Myanmar Learning Center in Yangon held a party to celebrate in the national holiday in October, but in a special way. To share the spirit of celebration, students and staff prepared and served a special meal for underprivileged children in Yangon. It is founding principle of the AHAN that the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center is not only a place for studying academics, but a place to learn about the world around them and ways to share.

 Everyone pitches in to cook the meal

 Everyone LOVES ice cream!

 Hi Smile!

AHAN Myanmar Rice Support Report

December 22nd, 2011 Report

June-Dec 2011 Yadanapon Temple Orphanage for Boys

From June to December, 2011, 7 tons of rice was delivered to the Yadanapon Temple Orphanage for boys. Every monthly donation is recorded, photographed and receipts sent to headquarters in Denver.

 (receipt and photos)

Written by
AHAN Myanmar Coordinator
Nilar Than