Aikido Nippon Kan Headquarters to Send Instructor to Aikido Nippon Kan Nepal

December 26, 2006


Pramod Raj Adhikari Secretary Nepal Aikido Club December 26th, 2006 Aikido Nippon Kan Nepal Aikido Club was granted official registration status by the National Sports Council of Nepal in November of 2006. “Now that official status has been granted, we are committed  to carry on all of our activities for achieving Aikido Nippon Kan’s goal of contributing to the educational …

Letter from Ganzorig Dashdorj Dojo Cho

December 24, 2006


December 24th, 2006 Today our Wolf Aikido Club together with models and celebrities organized a charity event in shelter home. We collected some money, clothes and toys, gave those to the children from shelter home. At the press conference, I explained the event that it was charity event organized by International AHAN association, also it held under the instruction of …

AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia Activity Report

December 24, 2006


Ganzorig Dashdorj Dojo Cho Wolf Aikido Club December 24th, 2006 Ganzorig Dashdorj Dojo Cho and Bold Tumenjargal Sensei of AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia and Aikido Nippon Kan Mongolia’s Wolf Aikido Club have also been very active in their community this year in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Wolf Aikido Club dojo currently has over eighty students who are enthusiastically learning the art of …

A LOT of snow in Denver!

December 23, 2006


December 23rd, 2006 In the last week of December 2006, an extraordinary amount of snow fell in Denver. It was a winter wonderland for our uchideshi who took the opportunity to practice in the snow. Actually I think it was a great “photo op” especially for senior uchideshi Hector Cid who was born and raised in Mexico and had never …

Change in Focus for Nippon Kan’s End of Year and New Year Activities

December 19, 2006


Homma Kancho implemented a new direction for Nippon Kan beginning with Nippon Kan’s end-of- year activities in December. Homma Kancho spoke on the matter. “It is now time in the history of our dojo to simplify and streamline operations at Nippon Kan. When the dojo was young, Nippon Kan was run more like a small family business and the focus …

Last Homeless Meal Service of 2006

December 17, 2006


December 17th, 2006 Record amounts of snow fell in an unusually cold December, 2006. As this article was being written on December 22nd, Denver was being buried in a blizzard that shut down the city for three days. In the frigid December weather, Nippon Kan students and staff braved the cold and prepared veggies Sunday morning, December 17th, for the …

Nippon Kan Youth Program Promotion Ceremony

December 16, 2006


Thomas Dammen Sensei Youth Program Director Dec 16th, 2006 Youth program promotions are held bi-annually at Nippon Kan. In many dojos, fees for examinations and promotions are a typical source of income, especially in children’s classes. At Nippon Kan there are no examinations or any fees charged for promotion which has been a tradition at Nippon Kan since its inception. …

AHAN Nippon Kan Bangladesh Activity Report

December 9, 2006


Nippon Kan Staff Nippon Kan General Headquarters December 9th, 2006 Fifty used, refurbished computers were checked, packed and loaded to be put on pallets and shrink- wrapped for the long journey to the Dharmarajika Orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Funds were raised to cover the extensive shipping costs with Homma Kancho’s AHAN “Adopt a Computer Fundraising Campaign.” In this campaign, computers …

Letter from Seok Yeong-Min

November 22, 2006


November 22, 2006 Dear Homma Gaku Sensei who we respect, Hello and how are you? This is Seok Yeong-Min from the Suncheon Hoyeon Dojo, the place to which you travelled so far by train in order to give your seminar. Thank you for giving us your time, even when you were busy. We spent a lot of time in preparation, …

Homma Kancho Teaches in Korea

November 20, 2006


Written by Jae Kyun Shin November 20th-30th, 2006 Homma Kancho has done extensive personal research about the history of Aikido and other martial arts in Japan, Mongolia and the United States. On this trip Homma Kancho focused his research on the historical links between the martial arts in Mongolia, Korean and Japan. My name is Jae Kyun Shin, and I …

Kokikai Aikido Founder Shudo Maruyama Sensei Seminar at Nippon Kan

November 14, 2006


November 14th-15th, 2006 For the past few years it has been a tradition for Maruyama Sensei, Founder of Kokikai Aikido to come to Nippon Kan for a visit in November. Homma Kancho has known Maruyama Sensei for over forty three years; since the time Homma Kancho was in middle school in Japan. Maruyama Sensei is a Japanese Aikikai pioneer instructor …

AHAN Nippon Kan Central America Activity Report

November 12, 2006


Fernando Roman Sensei Mexico Aikido Take Musu Aiki AHAN Nippon Kan Mexico AHAN Nippon Kan Central America November 12th, 2006 Under the guidelines of AHAN philosophy and the guidance of Homma Kancho’s teaching, AHAN Central America has been quite active in 2006. Homma Kancho’s dream for AHAN has been for local AHAN IISA (Instructors in support of AHAN) to be …

Homma Kancho’s Aikido Seminars in Turkey

November 4, 2006


Written by Bryon Hays Sensei Nippon Kan Headquarter Denver, Colorado USA November 4th-8th, 2006 In 2006, Homma Kancho traveled to Turkey three times to coordinate the October concert series to be performed by the Matsukawa Kyougaku Taiko Drummers. When the concerts finally came to an end and the drummers returned to Japan, I (Bryon) continued on with Homma Kancho in …

Turkey Trip Report

November 1, 2006


Bryon Hays 11/1/06 -11/8/06 November 1 Sixteen hours on Lufthansa covering 9 time zones to Istanbul and I arrive the evening of November 2. I am met by Solar of the transportation company hired to transport me to the hotel. Solar ends up my driver. Traffic in Istanbul is a combination of NASCAR and Aikido, with some traffic lights thrown …

Matsukawa Kyougaku Drummers in Turkey

October 28, 2006


By Banu Alisverisci The drummers were excellent. I was very happy working in this project for these lovely people, the drummers. All ten of them were excellent people and I am very happy to have the chance to meet them and spend some days together. To learn about taiko was another invaluable experience to me. Thank you for the bachi …