AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia Activity Report


Ganzorig Dashdorj Dojo Cho
Wolf Aikido Club
December 24th, 2006

Center: Ganzorig Sensei

Center: Ganzorig Sensei

Ganzorig Dashdorj Dojo Cho and Bold Tumenjargal Sensei of AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia and Aikido Nippon Kan Mongolia’s Wolf Aikido Club have also been very active in their community this year in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Wolf Aikido Club dojo currently has over eighty students who are enthusiastically learning the art of Aikido instructed by Ganozig Sensei and Bold Sensei. Recently the Wolf Aikido Club entered into an agreement with a popular modeling agency to teach the young models aikido as part of their stunt training.

On December 24th, 2006, Wolf Aikido Club organized an AHAN visit to a local children’s shelter, donating clothing and funds to the children living there. Under Homma Kancho’s direction, Ganzorig Sensei, Bold Sensei and the Wolf Aikido club are making a difference in their community. This is an important key to the dojo’s popularity and growing success.

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