Homma Kancho Visits Mongolia

February 17, 2006


Mongolia Aikido Nippon Kan Seminar Report. Feb 17-22, 2006 written by Alima   This article was written by Alima, AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia Coordinator about Homma Kancho’s most recent visit to Mongolia.Mongolia Aikido Nippon Kan Seminar Report.   From Bangladesh, Homma Kancho made a quick stop in Japan to meet with Nippon Kan Japan Branch Coordinator and staff members before …

Homma Kancho Visits the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

February 11, 2006


Feb 11-15, 2006 Written by Shaaeekh This article was written by AHAN Nippon Kan Bangladesh coordinator Sarkar Almaji Al-Kamal Shaaeekh (Maji). Please also read Homma Kancho’s articles on Bangladesh and Nepal “Reflections from Frontline Dojos in Asia.” My country of Bangladesh gained its independence from East Pakistan in 1971. There are one hundred and forty million people living in Bangladesh …

New Delhi Aikido Seminar Report

February 3, 2006


Feb 3rd-8th, 2006 written by M. Gardner   After our time in Nepal had drawn to a close, the Nippon Kan student delegation left for New Delhi, India. This portion of the trip included a seminar that was organized at the invitation of Chief Instructor Paritos Kar Sensei of the New Delhi Aikido Dojo. The seminar was held at the …

Nippon Kan Delegation visit Nepal and India

January 26, 2006


January 26-Feb 8th, 2006 written by E Busch Nepal Nepal Aikido Association Formed. The visit to Nepal was at the invitation of martial art groups organized under the Nepalese Government National Sports Council. This visit was Homma Kancho’s second visit to Nepal, and on this visit he conducted a three-day seminar for local Nepalese martial artists. Homma Kancho was accompanied …