Matsukawa Kyougaku Drummers in Turkey


By Banu Alisverisci

The drummers were excellent. I was very happy working in this project for these lovely people, the drummers. All ten of them were excellent people and I am very happy to have the chance to meet them and spend some days together. To learn about taiko was another invaluable experience to me. Thank you for the bachi you had sent here for the staff. They all were very happy when they saw them. All told me that they were the most valuable and meaningful memory for this concert and told me to pass their thanks to you for your kind present. The attendees I talked during and after the concert, have all told me that they were impressed from the show they have watched and added that they liked the performance a lot.

This concert we had here, taught me lot as it gave a lot to the people watched and worked for the project. The most important thing I got from this organization was, time management and finding the right people to work with. While I was working for this project, I had the chance to meet important people in critical positions and I also had the chance to improve my relations with them. I think they will help me a lot on the further organizations I can make in the future. All I learned and noted from this concert, that I believe I had a good database, will be my best guide for the next organizations. Thank you for the opportunity you had given me.

Hope to see you again. Thanks for all you do for us.