From the Editor

December 31, 2009


After he finished writing his new article “From the Homeless Shelter”, Homma Kancho sighed and said “Aikido is truly nothing, (nani mo nai or no-thing) ”… Homma Kanchos travels all over the world, especially to under-developed and dangerous areas. No matter where, if he is asked to come to practice Aikido, he goes. I have noticed that the more he …

From Nepal Nepal Army Ranger Aikido Report

December 20, 2009


December 20th, 2009  Nepalese UN soldiers practice in Sudan. Sgt. Dan Gurung, one of the primary Nepal Army Ranger Aikido Instructors has been transferred with his team of 850 United Nation Peace Keepers from Nepal to Sudan to participate in UNAMID African Union/United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur. While serving as a peace keeper in Sudan, Sgt. Gurung has begun …

Youth Class Keiko Osame

December 19, 2009


December 19th, 2009 Just before Christmas, Keiko Osame (End-of Year Closing Class) was held for Nippon Kan Youth Program members. Parents, family and friends were invited to attend this special class to watch practice, demonstrations and promotion announcements. Homma Kancho joined the festivities and spoke to youth program members and their families. “The purpose of practicing aikido is not about …

Homma Kancho Visits Japan

December 12, 2009


Dec 12-17th, 2009 After concluding his teaching with the Nepal Army Rangers in Nepal, Homma Kancho stopped by Japan on his way back to the United States. He made this trip to Japan to pay his end-of-year respects to high ranking instructors and to join the Matsukawa Kyougaku Taiko Drummers for a victory celebration in Matsukawa after their return from …

Nepal, Army Ranger 2nd Seminar of 2009

December 2, 2009


December 2nd -12th, 2009  Homma Kancho visited the Nepal Army Rangers this past December in Kathmandu, Nepal for the second time this year. 600 soldiers from each Nepal Army Ranger Company; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo participated in this extended training event. An outside three-hour practice was held each morning for enlisted rangers utilizing Nippon Kan NSDT (Nippon Kan …

From Korea AHAN Korea Charity Benefit Concert

November 21, 2009


November 21, 2009 Korean Aikido Pioneer and Korean Aikido Federation Founder and President, I-kam Yoon Sensei and his students sponsored and produced a charity concert in November for underprivileged families in Seoul. This project enlisted not only Aikidoka under Yoon Sensei’s direction but many talented artists and volunteers from the general public. Yoon Sensei understands well the philosophy of AHAN …

HTC Women’s Campus in Elein

November 5, 2009


Nov 5th, 2009 On the following day, the drummers visited the city of Al Ain for a concert to be performed on the HTC Women’s University campus. This campus has smaller accommodations, so two performances were scheduled to accomodate the over 600 women in attendance. The Woman’s University in Al Ain does not have a gymnasium. In accordance with Islamic …

HCT Men’s Campus in Dubai

November 4, 2009


November 4th, 2009 The next day, we made our way for about a two hour drive from Abu Dhabi to the city of Dubai, where the Kyougaku Taiko Drummers were scheduled to perform at the HCT Men’s University Campus auditorium. The drummers played an hour long concert on the beautiful men’s campus which was also attended by Minister Setsuo Ohmori …

Abu Dhabi Japanese School

November 3, 2009


Nov 3rd, 2009 At 6:30 pm. that same evening, about 200 people gathered at the Japanese school gymnasium for a concert for the 40 Japanese students who attend the school plus staff, family members and friends. This Japanese school is well known for its high standard of scholastic and intramural studies and the teachers worked busily to turn the well …

Concert at the Embassy of Japan in the UAE, Ambassador Residence

November 3, 2009


Nov 3rd, 2009 The second drumming concert was sponsored by the Japanese Department of Agriculture as part of a Japanese fruits export symposium in Abu Dhabi. The concert was held at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence at the opening of a Japanese imported fruit tasting for the spouses and relatives of distinguished ambassadors from many different countries stationed in Abu Dhabi. …

Emirates Palace Hotel

November 2, 2009


Nov 2, 2009 The first performance for the drummers was held at the infamous Emirates Palace Hotel on a special stage built entirely for the Festival of Thinkers Gala Dinner show. No expense was spared for this three-hour concert where world-famous performers entertained the 1000 guests who had assembled for this gala event. This event was attended not only by …

United Arab Emirates, Japanese Taiko Drumming Concert for 13 International Nobel Laureates

October 30, 2009


Oct 30-Nov 7, 2009 UAE Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) sponsored the “Festival of Thinkers 2009” as an emporium of Nobel Prize Winners from around the world this past October. The international conference included a world-class concert for guests, royalty and other dignitaries at the Emirates Palace Hotel. The Japanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi, in conjunction with Nippon Kan AHAN …

19th Annual Fall Volunteer Project: Put the Beds to Bed

October 24, 2009


October 24th, 2009 19 years ago, Nippon Kan asked the Denver Parks and Recreation Department if we could help the city by doing a volunteer project for them. 19 years later, this project has become a city-wide projecy, aptly named “Put the Beds to Bed”, since the task at hand for this project is  to turn the flower beds in …

Colorado Martial Art Association Dinner

October 20, 2009


October 20th, 2009 Colorado is home to many distinguished Japanese Martial Art Instructors, many with over 30 years experience teaching in Denver. The purpose of this meeting was one of communication, focusing on teamwork and discussion on positive plans for the future of all of the Japanese martial arts in Denver. This annual meeting was also attended by Consul General …

Turkey, City of Bursa Seminar

October 16, 2009


October 16-18, 2009 Homma Kancho returned from Morocco to Turkey on October 13th. I have heard Homma Kancho mention that he would like to spend a few days relaxing in Istanbul someday without teaching and work to be done. After Homma Kancho returned from Morocco, I, Megumi Machi, AHAN Turkey Coordinator and my husband Vecihi took the opportunity to take …