From Korea AHAN Korea Charity Benefit Concert


November 21, 2009


Korea concert poster

Korean Aikido Pioneer and Korean Aikido Federation Founder and President, I-kam Yoon Sensei and his students sponsored and produced a charity concert in November for underprivileged families in Seoul. This project enlisted not only Aikidoka under Yoon Sensei’s direction but many talented artists and volunteers from the general public.

Yoon Sensei understands well the philosophy of AHAN activities, and how to take action; evident in this first ever charity concert sponsored and produced by a martial art group in Korea.

We congratulate Yoon Sensei and all of the Korean Aikido Federation and look forward to growth in the future.

Gaku Homma
Nippon Kan Kancho






Letter from Yoon Sensei 

Dear Homma Kancho,
I hope this letter finds you well. Everyone is doing fine here! On the 21st of November, we will be putting on a charity concert for the less fortunate here in Seoul. With the spirit that we have learned from the ways of AHAN, we are taking this challenge for the benefit of our community. At the concert, I am planning to recognize you as the source of AHANs international spirit of volunteerism and community support.

There are many famous singers and bands that have agreed to donate their time and talents for this concert as well as supplying the sound and lighting systems. All of the staff are volunteering their time and we are discovering what a valuable this event is for us as a team. The concert on the 21st will be 2 ½ hours long, and we are hopeful that it will be an inspiring evening! This is the first time in Korea that a charity concert event like this one has ever been organized by a group of martial artists, and this is attracting media attention!

I and all members of the Korea Aikido Federation respect your spirit and your actions, and will continue to develop our own AHAN spirit here in Korea now and into the future!

With respect,

I-kam Yoon
AHAN Korea Coordinator
Korean Aikido Federation President