Japanese Garden Expansion Project

April 15, 2006


April 15-23 2006   The current Nippon Kan gardens were designed and the initial foundation put in place over eleven years ago by Homma Kancho in fourteen hours. The heavy earth-moving equipment that had been rented that day was quite expensive and eyes were on the clock knowing that we could not keep the earthmovers one minute more than needed. …

Nippon Kan Homeless Food Service Project Report

March 19, 2006


March 19th, 2006 2006 marks the 16th year of meal service to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission in Denver and this year of meal service has started out as a busy one. At all of our meal services students regularly volunteer as staff members, but sometimes friends or family guests come down to help as well. At this …

Service to the Homeless in Denver Comes to a Close for 2005

December 18, 2005


Dec 18th, 2005 written by AHAN President Emily Busch Since it has been fifteen years since we been serving meals at the mission it is not unusual for us to occasionally bump into former residents of the mission that have now reintegrated themselves back into society. One such gentleman is Mr. Charles, who suffered severely from a spinal injury he …

Recognition for Nippon Kan in September–October 2005

October 22, 2005


Recognition from the Turkey Kidney Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey for the awareness support seminar held September 24th -25th, 2005. Recognition from the Mayor of Matsukawa Village, Nagano Prefecture Japan for cultural promotion with the Kyogaku Drummers tour to Brazil October 19th -27th, 2005. Recognition from the Colorado Mongolian Association, Denver, Colorado for support of the Mongolian community of Denver. October 12th, …

Nippon Kan’s 15th Annual Fall Volunteer Project

October 15, 2005


Oct 15th, 2005 On October 15th, Nippon Kan staff, students, families and friends spent the day at our 15th annual community service project “Put the Beds to Bed”. This project is part of a city-wide program adopted by the Denver Parks and Recreation department that originated at Nippon Kan. This year was the fifteenth year that Nippon Kan students have …

Consul General of Japan Mr. Yuzo Ota serves the 40,000th meal

June 19, 2005


June 19th, 2005 Written by Gaku Homma Nippon Kan Kancho Nippon Kan has been serving monthly meals to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission since 1991. On July 19th, 2005 a milestone was reached with the 40,000th meal served. To mark this special occasion, Nippon Kan volunteers were joined at the Mission by honored guests, Consul General of Japan, …

Homma Kancho Attends the Aiki Expo 2005

May 27, 2005


May 27-29, 2005 Written by Rick Thompson Nippon Kan Instructor, Yama Dojo Homma Kancho attended the Aikido Journal sponsored Aiki Expo 2005 this past May 27-29th, 2005 as an instructor accompanied by Nippon Kan Instructor Rick Thompson and Assistant Instructor Michael Barerra. Homma Kancho and assistants introduced Nippon Kan’s method of teaching to attending Aikidoka at the Expo held this …

Nippon Kan Receives Third Denver City Council Resolution Recognizing Nippon Kan’s Contributions to the Community

December 3, 2002


December 3rd, 2002 On Monday, December 2nd, 2002 Nippon Kan President Doug Kelly and A.H.A.N President Emily Busch were present at the Denver City Council Meeting held at the City and County Building across from the State Capitol. Resolution 75, Series of 2002 was introduced and sponsored by City Councilmember Deborah Ortega from District 9. The Resolution was Nippon Kan’s …

Nippon Kan Receives Recognition from the Denver Parks Department

November 23, 2002


On November 23rd, 2002, the Denver Parks and Recreation Department held its 2002 All Volunteer Recognition Reception at the Chief Hosa Lodge near Evergreen in the foothills outside of Denver. Nippon Kan was recognized as “Outstanding Volunteer Partner” and awarded a plaque presented by Denver Parks Department Volunteer Coordinator Joan Wilson. Nippon Kan was commended as an outstanding volunteer partner …

The Winds of Mongolia Fundraising Concert a Great Success!

March 21, 2002


by Emily Busch AHAN President Thursday, March 21st, 2002 6:00 AM. The previous day had been warm with a hint of early spring in the air. We woke on Thursday morning to a flurry of snow. It was show time. Although we had dreamed about it since our last visit to Mongolia in July of 2001, the concert had come …

Put the Beds to Bed Project

October 13, 2001


October 13th, 2001 Under the direction of Gaku Homma Sensei over eighty Nippon Kan volunteers gathered for the 11th Annual “Put the Beds to Bed” project in conjunction with the Denver Parks and Recreation Department. Every fall, the flower beds in Civic Center Park located directly west of the Denver State Capitol Building need to be turned for winter. It …

Special Fundraising Seminar in Memory and Support for the Victims of September 11, 2001

September 22, 2001


Conducted by Kancho Gaku Homma Sensei September 22, 2001 By Emily Busch, AHAN President   Under crisp blue skies, there was a familiar feeling of fall, a change of color in the leaves, a chill in morning air. The Nippon Kan gardens still had not lost their bloom, but something was different this September morning…the flag in the garden was …