AHAN Nippon Kan IISA (Instructors in Support of AHAN) Training Tour: Korea Aikido Federation President Ikam Yoon Sensei’s Denver Seminar

May 11, 2007


May 11-16, 2007 AHAN Instructors in Support of AHAN, (IISA) are instructors of many different styles and affiliations who support AHAN’s philosophy of service to the community through projects in their own hometowns. The only requirement for becoming an AHAN IISA Instructor is to get involved with one’s students in community service projects of their choosing. As part of AHAN’s …

Nippon Kan Wins Again! Nippon Kan VS Enshin Karate

March 25, 2007


March 25th, 2007 Written by Jim Lattanzio Tournament Nippon Kan chief coordinator Nippon Kan was declared the winner and returned home once again with the winner’s trophy from the 12th annual Enshin Karate-Nippon Kan bowling tournament held March 25th. About 100 people attended this special tournament, founded twelve years ago to honor Enshin Karate’s Founder Joko Ninomiya Kancho’s birthday. Ninomiya …

Homeless Meal Service Project’s 17th Year of Service Begins

January 21, 2007


January 21st, 2007 Written by Emily Busch Nippon Kan Vice President The first Homeless Dinner Service of the year began the same as usual with one exception. Usually, the vegetables are peeled and cut in the Nippon Kan-Domo gardens by students after practice on the Sunday morning of the meal service. On January 21st however it was snowing hard outside …

Nippon Kan Beginner’s Classes Start for 2007

January 8, 2007


Jan 8th, 2007 Written by Nippon Kan Office Staff Tyfanny Price Four, six-week sessions of Beginner’s classes are scheduled every eight weeks at Nippon Kan throughout the year. Inspired by New Year resolutions, 110 new students join in this first group of Beginner’s classes for the year. This year, Denver had a very severe winter with several record breaking snow …

Last Homeless Meal Service of 2006

December 17, 2006


December 17th, 2006 Record amounts of snow fell in an unusually cold December, 2006. As this article was being written on December 22nd, Denver was being buried in a blizzard that shut down the city for three days. In the frigid December weather, Nippon Kan students and staff braved the cold and prepared veggies Sunday morning, December 17th, for the …

AHAN Nippon Kan Bangladesh Activity Report

December 9, 2006


Nippon Kan Staff Nippon Kan General Headquarters December 9th, 2006 Fifty used, refurbished computers were checked, packed and loaded to be put on pallets and shrink- wrapped for the long journey to the Dharmarajika Orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Funds were raised to cover the extensive shipping costs with Homma Kancho’s AHAN “Adopt a Computer Fundraising Campaign.” In this campaign, computers …

Kokikai Aikido Founder Shudo Maruyama Sensei Seminar at Nippon Kan

November 14, 2006


November 14th-15th, 2006 For the past few years it has been a tradition for Maruyama Sensei, Founder of Kokikai Aikido to come to Nippon Kan for a visit in November. Homma Kancho has known Maruyama Sensei for over forty three years; since the time Homma Kancho was in middle school in Japan. Maruyama Sensei is a Japanese Aikikai pioneer instructor …

Shin shin Aiki Shuren Kai Tanren Juku Hitohiro Saito Jukucho Seminar, Reno Nevada

October 27, 2006


October 27th-29th, 2006 Shin shin Aiki Shuren Kai Aikido of Reno Dojo Cho, Vince Salvatore Sensei, hosted this three day seminar in his hometown of Reno, Nevada. www.renoaikido.org. The seminar was instructed by special Guest Instructor Shin shin Aiki Shuren Kai Tanren Juku Hitohiro Saito Jukucho and was attended by over 300 students from all over the United States. On …

Homeless Meal Service Project Report

July 16, 2006


July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17 Like clockwork, everyone arrived without fanfare and began making preparations for the evening’s meal service as they have done almost every third Sunday of almost every month for the last sixteen years. Everyone knew what to do, and sets about their tasks with calm proficiency. After the meal of 280 to 300 dinners was …

Third Computer Shipment Readied for Delivery

June 18, 2006


Jan. 18th, 2006   To start out the New Year, Nippon Kan’s used computer redistribution program got into full gear. During the holiday season we received many computer donations, so there were plenty of computers to refurbish for use in AHAN projects around the world. Under the supervision of the Computer Redistribution Program leader Erik Moore, Nippon Kan uchideshi, student …

Homeless Meal Service Fundraising Seminar

June 17, 2006


June 17-18 2006 Written by AHAN President Emily Busch Nippon Kan’s Homeless Meal Service Project has been ongoing at the Denver Rescue Mission for the past sixteen years. This seminar was organized to raise funds to provide local meal service to homeless Denver residents for the coming year. IISA Instructor Stephanie Yap Sensei, Founder and Chief Instructor of Aikido of …

Spring Volunteer Project 15th Year Anniversary

June 3, 2006


June 3rd, 2006 Written by Project Leader Jim Bailey This year marks the 15th anniversary of Nippon Kan’s bi-annual volunteer service project with the Denver Park and Recreation Department of Denver. To celebrate, Nippon Kan students, family members and friends took on an especially big project this year! On June 3rd, the “Nippon Kan Army” headed to Weir Gulch, a …

2006 School Field Trip Program Draws to a Close

May 30, 2006


May 30th, 2006   This year over 1500 school children from the Greater Metro Area came to Nippon Kan to experience Japanese culture, architecture, history, arts and cuisine through Nippon Kan’s School Field Trip Program. Many schools use this special experience as a tool for Asian studies, and each tour is modified to focus on the age level of the …

Huge Computer Donation Received!

May 14, 2006


May 14th, 2006 Written by AHAN Computer Redistribution Coordinator Erik Moore.   AHAN’s Used Computer Redistribution Program sends refurbished computers to countries such as Mongolia, Mexico, Brazil and Nepal to name a few. In Mongolia, over 100 computers have been distributed to schools, monasteries and other humanitarian service organizations. Students, family members, individuals in the Denver community and sometimes businesses …

Enshin Karate Sabaki Contestants Stay at Nippon Kan

April 19, 2006


April 19-23rd, 2006 Written by Emily Busch   Enshin Karate, headquartered in Denver has branch dojos all over Japan, indeed all over the world. Founder and Chief Instructor Joko Ninomiya Kancho and Nippon Kan Kancho Gaku Homma are good friends. Homma Kancho first met Ninomiya Kancho early one Sunday morning in a local park in Denver many years ago. Homma …