Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Uchideshi Training ~ A visit to Aurora Police Academy

Kreg Lyles

The group of the Nepali Army Aikido Instructor Candidates were given many rare opportunities for unique experiences during their Summer Uchideshi Training at Aikido Nippon Kan Headquarters in Denver.  One of them was for them to visit Aurora Police Academy to audit a few classes on riot control methodologies and how to search homes & offices effectively.

While the trainees from Nepal have taken similar training in the past, the whole experience was eye-opening for them to realise both subtle and stark differences between the two countries in their approaches and methodologies, from the type of weapons used for criminal purposes & the tools used to contain unruly situations to different legal frameworks to be respected and abided by.

Many thanks to Officer Bob Steine who played a key role in setting up the rare & precious opportunity for them!