Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Uchideshis Training ~ Nepalese Army pre-selected Instructor Candidates A Seminar on the KOGA Method, aka the KOGA Jutsu

Kreg Lyles

A seminar on the KOGA Method (aka KOGA Jutsu) was held by retired Lt. Don Black, senior instructor of the KOGA Jutsu, who not only served as a member of the U.S. Army Ranger in Vietnam but also served and retired from the Aurora, Colorado Police Department after 32 years of service out of a total of 37 years of law enforcement experience.

The KOGA System, aka “KOGA Jutsu”, has its roots in Aikido, and the KOGA Jutsu is practiced by many law enforcement professionals and correction & security professionals throughout the U.S.

For more information on the KOGA Jutsu, visit the link:

Our sincere gratitude goes to Ret. Lieutenant Black and Officer Bob Steine from the Monument Police Department.