Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Uchideshis Training ~ Nepalese Army pre-selected Instructor Candidates

Kreg Lyles

2019 Completion Ceremony


The Nepali Army Aikido Instructor Candidates Uchideshi Training at Aikido Nippon Kan, that had been taking place along with 2019 Aikido Nippon Kan Headquarters Summer Marathon Training, came to a close with success.

To celebrate everyone’s successful completion of the 30-day long concentrated training, during which the uchideshi trainees lived at Nippon Kan for the entire duration of the training, the Completion Ceremony and Celebration Party were held with the presence of the Nepali Army Maj. Gen. Shashi Chandra and Nippon Kan supporters.

For the total of 15 Nepali soldiers, 6 female soldiers & 9 male soldiers, each day began at 5:00AM and ended at 11:00PM.  They dedicated themselves to various core training routines and rigorous keiko sessions in Aikido for 7 hours a day for 30 straight days.  Moreover, not only were they also trained in other martial art techniques, they were also given opportunities to expand their perspectives through community volunteer activities and other cross-cultural experiences.  Not only did they endured tough training physically, they also broadened their perspectives and developed a higher level of resilience mentally.

Listed below are
the names of the Nepali Army soldiers who have successfully completed the 2019 Summer Uchideshi Training at Aikido Nippon Kan.


WOII  Dhan B.Gurung

Cpl  Dil Bahadur Gurung

Cpl  Khagendra Bahadur Darji

L/Cpl  Santosh Adhikari

L/cpl  Sujan Karki

L/Cpl  Sunita Basnet

Pte  Ramkrishna Pariyar

Pte  Jitendra Tharu

Pte  Chandra Jung Tamang

Pte  Prati Kala Rai

Pte  Saraswoti Giri

Pte Binu Shrestha

Pte Ranju Ale Magar

Pte Dilmaya Chaudhary

Pte Dil Bahadur Chhetri