Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Uchideshis Training ~ Nepalese Army pre-selected Instructor Candidates

Kreg Lyles


Maj. Gen. Shashi Chandra & Staff Officer Maj. Madhu Thapa from Nepali Army Headquarters came to inspect the progress of our Summer Training.

Maj. Gen. Shashi Chandra was very positive, energetic and amicable in interacting with not only the military persons from the Nepali Army, but also with Nippon Kan staffs & Nippon Kan members, and the 7 days of his stay in Denver passed too quickly.  Not only did he enjoy interacting with the soldiers, but he also expressed his desire to experience a “keiko” session.  Moreover, he showed off his dance moves in Nepali folk dance with the soldiers when we were enjoying a relaxing moment after supper.  He also enjoyed pizzas at a local pizzeria so much that he was serving Nippon Kan students who were enjoying the occasion with him and others.  We were taken aback by his high level of curiosity and great questions when we went to local museums and historical landmarks with him.  There was no sign of jet-lag in him at all during his stay in Denver.

We were very impressed by his laudable skill at shooting when we went to a shooting experience session under the guidance of a SWAT instructor.  After all, he is a Major General of the Army of a sovereign nation!