2016 Aikido Nippon Kan 30-Day Challenge Seminar

August 28, 2016


Every year at Nippon Kan Headquarters in Denver, Colorado USA, over 1500 practice hours are logged at the annual Nippon Kan 30 day summer practice challenge instructed by Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho. The main focus of this seminar is on the foreign live-in students (uchideshi) who have traveled from their home countries to participate in this annual event. This …

Nepal Army Rangers Instructor Team Graduate with Honors-Aikido Nippon Kan Intensive 30-Day Training Marathon 2016

August 28, 2016


The Nepal Army Rangers were sent this year by the Nepalese Army to attend Aikido Nippon Kan’s 30-day summer training marathon 2016. This intensive training was instructed by Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho at Nippon Kan Headquarters in Denver and attended by students from Nippon Kan Denver, around the USA and over 5 countries internationally. The Nepal Rangers excelled in …

Mya Sein Sensei- Myanmar Aikikai New Organization – Myanmar Visit to Aikido Nippon Kan General Headquarters, August 18-24, 2016

August 18, 2016


The first Myanmar Aikido Instructor to Teach in the USA Chief Instructor of the Myanmar Aikikai New Organization, Mya Sein Sensei was a special guest at Nippon Kan Headquarters this past week, Aug 18-24 2016. Sein Sensei instructed classes for Nippon Kan students and international uchideshi in Denver for the Nippon Kan Summer Marathon practice 2016. Also visiting from Myanmar, …

Nippon Kan Youth Program Mid-Term Promotions, Demonstrations -Family Day

July 23, 2016


The Nippon Kan Youth Program promotions reflect the philosophy of Aikido as taught at Nippon Kan. There is no testing or no fees. Promotions are based on attendance, participation and personal growth and development. Mid-term promotions were attended by family and friends as general class for all students and demonstrations by Nippon Kan Instructors and Youth program senior students were …

AHAN Nippon Kan Cross-Cultural School Tour Program

July 14, 2016


For the past 39 years, Nippon Kan has been toured by thousands of children from schools in the metro Denver area. Program includes a facility, museum and garden lecture tour, aikido demonstrations, hands-on origami and Japanese games and a traditional bento box lunch at Domo Restaurant. On July 14th, School Tour was conducted by Emily Busch, AHAN Nippon Kan Vice …

AHAN Nippon Kan Cultural Teachers Exchange with Higashi Naruse Village, Japan

June 28, 2016


June 28th -July 20th, 2016 Homma Kancho and AHAN Nippon Kan have had a cultural exchange program with the quaint and beautiful village of Higashi Naruse in northern Japan since 2005. Many AHAN Nippon Kan students have visited Higashi Naruse, some on 3 month extended visits. In return delegations and representatives from Higashi Naruse Village have visited AHAN Nippon Kan …

AHAN Nippon Kan Homeless Meal Service

June 19, 2016


100 degrees and 290 meals served! It was a HOT one! Homma Kancho, up at dawn preparing the meals, led the charge today in AHAN Nippon Kan’s monthly meal service to the homeless in Denver. This year marks the 25th year of service for Nippon Kan to the homeless in Denver and this summer we will pass the milestone of …

Richarde Leon Hayes – Always Treasured Never Forgotten

June 15, 2016


AHAN Nippon Kan Senior Advisor Richarde Leon Hayes 1944-2016 AHAN Nippon Kan mourns the passing of long time student, advisor and friend, Richarde Hayes. Dick was a valued member of Nippon Kan and served as senior advisor to Nippon Kan Board of Directors and staff. Dick earned his 5th degree black belt in the year 2000 and was a major …

AHAN Nippon Kan 25th Annual Spring Volunteer Project

June 11, 2016


In association with the Denver Parks Department, AHAN Nippon Kan students, family and friends spent the morning at  Rocky Mountain Lake Park in Denver volunteering to work on a number of projects for the park.  After a good morning stretch, the group divided into 4 teams to work on tree mulching, painting, weeding and spreading new sand for the horseshoe …

Homma Kancho in Nepal-Ground Breaking Ceremony for new AHAN K9 Training Center

May 12, 2016


Nepal- May 12th, 2016 – Homma Kancho attends the Hindu ground breaking ceremony for a new AHAN training center for the Nepal Ranger K9 Unit. April 23rd, 2016 – Nepal Ranger AHAN WWY volunteers provide meals and school supplies for children in temporary school shelter after the earthquake in Kathmandu-Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch attending.

Homma Kancho visit to Thailand- First Cassava (tapioca) Harvest at AHAN Bilay House Orphanage, Thailand

May 8, 2016


Hard work by everyone- 13 hectors harvested in over 100 degree heat for over one week. This harvest is a great step forward toward independence for the children of Bilay House.As an AHAN Nippon Kan supported project, Homma Kancho stops by to help launch harvest activities. Homma Kancho and AHAN Nippon Kan first built Bilay House Orphanage in 2011. Since …

AHAN International Project Evaluation Tour- AHAN Nippon Kan International Program Director Emily Busch

April 18, 2016


April 18th-May 1st, 2016 On April 18th, 2016, AHAN Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch left for Asia on a four country AHAN project evaluation tour. The purpose of this tour was to establish current status of AHAN Projects in Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam and determine upcoming project needs. 1st Stop Nepal. Nepal Ranger ANTC and WWY Instructor training review …