Nippon Kan Youth Program Mid-Term Promotions, Demonstrations -Family Day


The Nippon Kan Youth Program promotions reflect the philosophy of Aikido as taught at Nippon Kan. There is no testing or no fees. Promotions are based on attendance, participation and personal growth and development.

Mid-term promotions were attended by family and friends as general class for all students and demonstrations by Nippon Kan Instructors and Youth program senior students were held. Homma Kancho opened the ceremony, speaking to parents and family about the goals of the Nippon Kan Youth program.

The Youth Program at Nippon Kan is instructed by Yuji Kosakowski and Eric Cravens, both who performed demonstrations this day assisted by Instructor Joshua Baker and AHAN Izmir Instructor Cihan Karaogluol.

Graduation to advanced class was also announced for selected students in honor of their achievements and participation.