AHAN International Project Evaluation Tour- AHAN Nippon Kan International Program Director Emily Busch


April 18th-May 1st, 2016

On April 18th, 2016, AHAN Nippon Kan Vice President Emily Busch left for Asia on a four country AHAN project evaluation tour. The purpose of this tour was to establish current status of AHAN Projects in Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam and determine upcoming project needs.

1st Stop Nepal.

Nepal Ranger ANTC and WWY Instructor training review and meal service assistance for 350 children who lost their school to earthquake damage after the great Nepal Earthquake of April 2015.

Nepal Ranger WWY Meal and school supply service for 350 children in Kathmandu

2nd StopThailand 
Visit to AHAN Bilay House Orphanage near Myanmar border. 1st crop of Tapioca ready to harvest, kids are growing up!

The Children of Bilay House, Pastor Bilay and Emily Busch

The Children of Bilay House, Pastor Bilay and Emily Busch

3rd Stop Hue, Vietnam

AHAN NIPPON KAN Vice President Emily Busch International Humanitarian project review tour in Hue Vietnam. AHAN Project support donation of rice, oil, and individual expenses for over 100 suffering from defects caused by the use of agent orange during Vietnam war. *Limited photos to protect patients privacy.

Hue Volunteers serving the community