Mya Sein Sensei- Myanmar Aikikai New Organization – Myanmar Visit to Aikido Nippon Kan General Headquarters, August 18-24, 2016


The first Myanmar Aikido Instructor to Teach in the USA

Chief Instructor of the Myanmar Aikikai New Organization, Mya Sein Sensei was a special guest at Nippon Kan Headquarters this past week, Aug 18-24 2016. Sein Sensei instructed classes for Nippon Kan students and international uchideshi in Denver for the Nippon Kan Summer Marathon practice 2016.

Also visiting from Myanmar, special guest AHAN Myanmar Learning Center Board Staff Member and Journalist, Mr. Htun Oo.

AHAN has built two learning centers in Myanmar and supports orphaned children in both Yangon and Sittwe, Myanmar. This visit was part of AHAN’s ongoing project development in Myanmar.

Many thanks to Sein Sensei for visiting Aikido Nippon Kan and sharing his adept teaching, grace and humility. Thank you!

Mya Sein Sensei instructing at Nippon Kan Dojo in Denver