2016 Aikido Nippon Kan 30-Day Challenge Seminar


Every year at Nippon Kan Headquarters in Denver, Colorado USA, over 1500 practice hours are logged at the annual Nippon Kan 30 day summer practice challenge instructed by Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho.

The main focus of this seminar is on the foreign live-in students (uchideshi) who have traveled from their home countries to participate in this annual event. This year we have a total of 18 uchideshi (live-in students) including 5 Nepal Army Rangers from Nepal who practice over 6 hours every day for this 30-Day Challenge Seminar.

In these uchideshi classes, an important focus on strict, intense physical strengthening exercize which is not generally practiced in Aikido classes. Aikido is a Martial Art. Martial Arts need a strong body as well as spirit so this kind of training is emphasized.
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