2006 School Field Trip Program Draws to a Close


May 30th, 2006



This year over 1500 school children from the Greater Metro Area came to Nippon Kan to experience Japanese culture, architecture, history, arts and cuisine through Nippon Kan’s School Field Trip Program. Many schools use this special experience as a tool for Asian studies, and each tour is modified to focus on the age level of the children involved and any specific studies they are involved in. The tours offer hands-on activities and live demonstrations which hopefully give students an experience they won’t soon forget.

In the lead on more than thirty tours this season was Nippon Kan Advisor and Instructor John Cruise who brings a wealth of information to these tours not only of Japanese culture and history but about Nippon Kan history and philosophy as well. John Cruise, Emily Busch and other Nippon Kan students all volunteer their time to assist in bringing this enriching program to the Metro area school systems. This School Field Trip Program is one of our most important Nippon Kan’s cultural- exchange activities in Denver.