Thailand AHAN Nippon Kan (Bilay House) Coordinator Report

February 3, 2015


Feb 3rd 2015 With the new Bilay House Heritage Center finished and open, the children are weaving a number cloths with traditional Karen tribe designs. All of the children say “Thank you very much!” for the water cooler, school uniforms and shoes.                        Studying traditional Karen tribe weaving at the …

Turkey Izmir AHAN Nippon Kan Coordinator Report

January 20, 2015


January 20th , 2015 We moved our AHAN Izmir dojo to our new location and began full time practice again this January. I do not charge fees for children or adults for student rank promotions and any donations we do receive are donated to the Leukemia Foundation of Izmir. Some of our adult students also donate much needed blood to …

Bangladesh AHAN Nippon Kan Coordinator Report

July 12, 2014


July 12th , 2014 250 kilos of rice for the Madrasa School for orphaned girls has been delivered for the month of July and receipts sent. The construction for the adjacent boy’s school has begun and the cement donated by AHAN has also been delivered. Please express a message of sincere thanks and appreciation from the Madrasa School elders and …

United States Pacific Command Commander Observes Ranger Aikido Training

May 27, 2014


May 27th, 2014 Public Service Along with their training, on May 23rd, the Rangers volunteered to clean up the White Monastery area in Kathmandu. The Ranger instructors and students all incorporate the philosophy of AHAN and working to give back to their community is part of their training.                         …

Celebrating Homma Kancho’s 50 Years of Practice Anniversary

May 23, 2014


May 23rd, 2014 Here at AHAN Mindanao, all of our students and friends gathered to celebrate Homma Kancho’s 50 years of practice and his birthday. Congratulations, Homma Kancho!              The dance of the Badjao people Expanding the Dojo April 10th, 2014   Recently we expanded the AHAN Mindanao dojo; with a growing number of live-in students …

New Building Construction

May 21, 2014


May 21st, 2014 AHAN built the Madrasa orphanage and school for girls and has supported this school with rice, educational and medical supplies since 2007. This year the Madrasa elders are planning to build a school for boys adjacent to the girl’s facility. This facility will accommodate from 300 to 700 boys in need. The scope for this new facility …

Finishing Military Service

April 4, 2014


April 4th, 2014 After finishing military service, I am now back to normal life. Military service was tough, but I really think my uchideshi training at Nippon Kan helped me to complete it. I am now a trainer at a gym and have started teaching Aikido again in my free time. I received an offer from an Aikido group in …

AHAN Mindanao Support for the Badjao Tribe

March 5, 2014


Illigan City Mindanao, Philippines March 5th, 2014 A deadly outbreak of measles struck the Badjao tribe outside of Illigan City and many of the children were gravely infected. AHAN Mindanao organized to bring aid and medical supplies supervised by the Red Cross. Although access was limited, AHAN Mindanao was able to assist by providing these supplies. The Badjao tribes do …

Building a New Wall

November 7, 2013


November 7th, 2013 In November we built a stone wall to expand the dormitory kitchen. The wall was built with the advisement of Homma Kancho to help with drainage. We also tiled the ceiling for heat protection.                               Reported by Pastor Bilay Bilay House Orphanage, Thailand

Homma Kancho’s Visit to Japan

October 29, 2013


Oct 29-Nov 4th, 2013 After a visit to the remote village of Higashi Naruse to meet with alumni cross-cultural exchange program staff, Homma Kancho toured 4 nominated sites for a new AHAN Nippon Kan Japan Branch training center location. Back in Tokyo, Homma Kancho met with AHAN Nippon Kan Japan Branch alumni staff to discuss current and future projects. Reported …

A Harvest of Plenty, From AHAN Bilay House-Ta Ko Lang, Thailand

September 22, 2013


September 22nd, 2013  Large yield of corn this harvest. This summer’s vegetable harvest was plentiful. Pastor Blay’s wife has also begun teaching traditional Karen weaving to the children at our new Heritage Center. Life has been good at the Bilay House this summer, the only exception being that we lost some fish and ducks in our ponds. We finally figured …

From AHAN Bangladesh, New Additions to the Madrasa Orphanage and School

August 24, 2013


August 24th, 2013  New Madrasa classrooms. AHAN has been supporting the Madrasa Orphanage and School for Girls since 2006. In 2008 AHAN funded the building of the new building that currently houses up to 100 girls. On August 1st, 2013 construction on a new adjoining Madrasa facility officially began that is projected to house an additional 100 girls. The new …

Flood Rescue and Relief Efforts

August 7, 2013


August 7th, 2013               Using boats to ferry supplies and people through the floods. The Kayin state which is the home province of Principal Than in Myanmar experienced its first floods in 50 years. As President of the Kawkareik Township Association, Mr. Than returned home to assist in flood relief efforts; providing food and …

From AHAN Nepal, Just Married!

July 7, 2013


 July 7th, 2013 Nepal Army Ranger and Instructor, WO2 Gurung got married this summer! WO2 Gurung has been deployed to many parts of the world with the Nepal Army Rangers as a UN peacekeeper. He is a valued role model and is looked up to by many young Ranger cadets. Currently WO2 Gurung specializes in teaching Aikido with the Nepal Army …

Homma Kancho’s Visit to Izmir, Turkey

March 18, 2013


March 18, 2013                Hometown markets of Izmir Homma Kancho made a quick trip to Izmir on his way back from teaching a seminar in Morocco. The reason he told us was that he wanted to enjoy springtime in Izmir! Since Homma Kancho is the owner and head chef of Domo restaurant, he was …