Homma Kancho Teaches AHAN Seminar in Brazil

August 21, 2007


Aug 21-29, 2007 AHAN Nippon Kan Rio de Janeiro, (Luc Leoni Sensei) hosted a fundraising seminar in support of the Renascer Shelter, a family development center in Rio de Janeiro. Homma Kancho last visited Brazil two years ago when he coordinated a cross-cultural series of events in Brazil, featuring the Kyougaku Taiko Drummers from Nagano, Japan. LINK HERE The fundraising …

Homma Kancho Visits the Islamic Republic of Iran

July 4, 2007


July 4th-9th, 2007 Homma Kancho visited the Islamic Republic of Iran this past July to meet with local Aikido leaders and discuss current and future AHAN project development in the region. In the capitol city of Tehran, Homma Kancho met with Ahmad Ali Aghsaghloo Sensei (Ali Sensei), Chief Instructor of Iran Aikido (Ali dojo) at his headquarter dojo in Tehran …

Homma Kancho Visits Turkey

June 25, 2007


June 25-July 3, 2007 From Nippon Kan General Headquarters: Homma Kancho returned to Turkey on a tour of four cities this past June and July. Packing little more than his keiko gi, Homma Kancho moved from town to town, country to country on what he calls his own personal “caravan” training. Homma Kancho always carries his keiko gi when he …

Homma Kancho visits the Republic of Hungary

June 21, 2007


Commemoration of the Hungarian Translation of “Aikido for Life”. June 21st-25th, 2007 Over the years, Homma Kancho’s first book “Aikido for Life” has been translated into seven different languages. It was the recent publication of “Aikido for Life” into Hungarian brought him to Budapest, Hungary to commemorate the event. We took Homma Kancho to a lovely hotel in downtown Budapest …

Korea Aikido Federation’s Ikam Yoon Sensei and Nippon Kan’s Homma Kancho visit Mexico

May 16, 2007


May 16-21, 2007 After IISA Instructor Ikam Yoon Sensei’s seminar in Denver came to an end, Yoon Sensei, his wife Miae, Homma Kancho and Nippon Kan assisting staff left for Mexico City, Mexico. The IISA tour was met by host Fernando Roman Sensei, Chief Instructor of Mexico Aikido, Take Musu Aiki and AHAN Mexico and AHAN Central America Coordinator. (www.mexicoaikido.com.mx …

Homma Kancho Teaches in India

March 8, 2007


March 8-10, 2007 Written by Paritos Kar Sensei Homma Kancho came to our dojo, New Delhi Aikido in New Delhi, to teach a three day seminar this past March. This was Homma Kancho’s second visit with us in New Delhi and everyone was very happy to see him again. My dojo is in a nice part of the city, but …

Instructors sent from Nippon Kan General Headquarters

February 27, 2007


Feb 27, 2007 written by Aikido Nippon Kan Nepal Aikido Club General Secretary Pramod Adhiari In Nepal, February is a time for celebrations and festivals as everyone prepares for the coming Holi spring festival. It is custom in Nepal during the Holi festival to splash water on those around you with your fingertips. Aikido Nippon Kan Nepal, officially registered with …

Cagayan de Oro Seminar in Mindanao Island, Philippines.

February 22, 2007


Feb 22-23, 2007 Written by AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao Region Coordinator Ava Yancha One hour by plane southwest of the capitol city of Manila in the Philippines is the island of Mindanao. Located in the southwest region of Mindanao is the city of Cagayan de Oro, commonly referred to as CDO. After spending time in the jungles of Mindanao on …

Aikido Nippon Kan Mongolian Annual Seminar Instructed by Homma Kancho.

February 12, 2007


February 12th, 2007 Written by Mongolia Aikido Nippon Kan Wolf Aikido Club Shidoin Bold Tumenjargl A few days before the lunar New Year in Mongolia, Homma Kancho arrived in Ulaanbaatar to teach Aikido at the Aikido Nippon Kan Mongolia Wolf Aikido Club and to support the AHAN activity that we had created for high school students. The smog was so …

Homma Kancho Teaches in Korea

November 20, 2006


Written by Jae Kyun Shin November 20th-30th, 2006 Homma Kancho has done extensive personal research about the history of Aikido and other martial arts in Japan, Mongolia and the United States. On this trip Homma Kancho focused his research on the historical links between the martial arts in Mongolia, Korean and Japan. My name is Jae Kyun Shin, and I …

Homma Kancho’s Aikido Seminars in Turkey

November 4, 2006


Written by Bryon Hays Sensei Nippon Kan Headquarter Denver, Colorado USA November 4th-8th, 2006 In 2006, Homma Kancho traveled to Turkey three times to coordinate the October concert series to be performed by the Matsukawa Kyougaku Taiko Drummers. When the concerts finally came to an end and the drummers returned to Japan, I (Bryon) continued on with Homma Kancho in …

Guatemala Seminar Activity Report

April 29, 2006


April 29-30th 2006   Fernando Roman Sensei, Chief Instructor of Mexico Aikido, Take Musu Aiki and AHAN Mexico coordinator, accompanied by ten students traveled to Guatemala for the first AHAN Guatemala fundraising seminar. Fernando Sensei and accompanying students paid for their own travel and lodging expenses in keeping with the AHAN philosophy of the trip. This seminar raised funds to …

AHAN Bangladesh Fundraising Seminar

March 18, 2006


March 18th, 2006   Soon after his return from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Mongolia, Homma Kancho announced a fundraising seminar for AHAN Bangladesh to be held at the end of March. This seminar was opened exclusively to Nippon Kan’s newest white, yellow and green belt members. Homma Kancho commented “I teach here at Nippon Kan many days every week while …

Homma Kancho Visits Mongolia

February 17, 2006


Mongolia Aikido Nippon Kan Seminar Report. Feb 17-22, 2006 written by Alima   This article was written by Alima, AHAN Nippon Kan Mongolia Coordinator about Homma Kancho’s most recent visit to Mongolia.Mongolia Aikido Nippon Kan Seminar Report.   From Bangladesh, Homma Kancho made a quick stop in Japan to meet with Nippon Kan Japan Branch Coordinator and staff members before …

New Delhi Aikido Seminar Report

February 3, 2006


Feb 3rd-8th, 2006 written by M. Gardner   After our time in Nepal had drawn to a close, the Nippon Kan student delegation left for New Delhi, India. This portion of the trip included a seminar that was organized at the invitation of Chief Instructor Paritos Kar Sensei of the New Delhi Aikido Dojo. The seminar was held at the …