Aikido Nippon Kan – Uchideshis of Summer 2019

August 11, 2019


15 uchideshis, qualified and selected for Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Marathon Practice Seminar, have begun their summer training routine of the minimum 6 hours of ‘keiko’ per day. Amazing appetite and sleep well By the way, what are they holding??? To be continued…

What can be learned from Judo

April 26, 2019


When I was visiting Japan a short while ago, I noticed a poster at a large public Budojo (martial arts training hall), and I couldn’t help taking a photo of the poster.  And as the final Judo matches of All Japan Women Judo Championship were on the air on TV Japan the other day, I noticed the catchphrase of MIND …

Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido (December 14, 1883 ~ April 26, 1969

April 26, 2019


   Earlier in the morning before he and I left for Aikikai Hombu (HQ) in Tokyo, he worshipped at Aiki Shrine in Iwama and worshipped Amaterasu Oomikami (Sun Goddess) while looking at the Sun, as he had always done.  After this ritual, he went around a few small shrines called “hokora (祠)” placed at different locations on the property to offer …

Preparations for establishing AHAN Japan Branch Office of Aikido Nippon Kan, a U.S. Non-Profit Organization:

April 11, 2019


Aikido Nippon Kan’s AHAN Initiatives have been providing educational, medical and humanitarian support for the people in need mainly in Asia, and efforts have been made for the past several years to select a location to establish a branch office in Japan, “NPO (Non-Profit Organization) AHAN Nippon Kan Japan (tentatively named)”, in support of a vision to continue expanding various …

A Visit to Aikikai Aikido Kobayashi Dojo

April 10, 2019


           Dan Gurung, Nepalese Army Aikido Lead Instructor and Homma Nippon Kan Kancho  visited Aikido Kobayashi Dojo to pay respect, and they were welcomed by Yasuo Kobayashi Sensei, Kobayashi Dojo’s Soshihan, and Hiroaki Kobayashi, Kobayashi Dojo’s  Dojocho    Also, our much appreciation is toward all the people who helped to make it happen for Dan Gurung to participate in Aikido …

Congratulations to Morihiro II Sensei!

April 5, 2019


His succession to the name of Morihiro as the 2nd generation. Yasuhiro Saito, a son of Hitohira Saito Jukucho of the Dento Iwama Ryu and a grandson of late Morihiro Saito, who had been a worldly Aikido-ka respected throughout the world, has succeeded to the name of Morihiro as the 2nd generation, and a name succession celebration ceremony was held …

December 24, 2018


  This is to acknowledge all the Nepalese Army Nippon Kan Aikido Instructors for their efforts, dedications and contributions toward peacekeeping activities while dispatched as members of the United Nations Peacekeeping operations to various regions of conflicts in the world.  It is our sincere wish for all of you to return home safely after the deployment. The photos were taken …

A Visit to the Nepalese Army Aikido Instructor Training Unit

October 30, 2018


During their visit in Nepal for AHAN related purposes, AHAN staffs, led by Homma Kancho, visited two Nepalese Army Aikido Instructor Training facilities to witness the current status of their ongoing Aikido instructor training programme.   One of the training locations is “K-9 Emily Memorial Dojo”, located in the K-9 training squadron base, where elite female soldiers selected from 19 …

Aikido Nippon Kan – Summer of 2018

September 26, 2018


  Thank you and ‘Gokurosama Deshita’ to all who participated in Nippon Kan’s Marathon Seminar. To date, over 1,800 Aikidoists took on the challenge to participate in Nippon Kan’s Marathon Seminars, and a wide range of members participated in this year’s seminar, from members of Nippon Kan’s Moo Club, which only those who are 60 and older can join among …


July 19, 2018


  On the occasion of the World Youth Skills Day in 2018, ‘Heritage Run’ was organized, and Aikido team members from the Nepalese Army Rangers swept up trophies among over 250 athletes in the inaugural Heritage Run.  A team from the WWY (We are With You) initiative, which was founded in 2015 through a collaboration between AHAN Nippon Kan and …

Nepal Ranger Aikido Nippon-kan Training Center

May 25, 2018


Huge  Aikido Training Conducting in ANTC (Ranger Aikido Dojo) through Nepal Army. Only here (82 Different Unit and Sub-Unit of NA Total 123 Soldiers (Students) practicing together Nippon-kan Aikido

With My Precious Black Belt Students at Bilay House in Thailand

May 15, 2018


There is no Bokken or Jo; no Keiko-gi to practice in, and of course no Dojo… But they have shovels, hoes and sickles and worn-out T-shirts as well as the vast & generous mother nature. 38 children from different backgrounds are living at Bilay House for different reasons, and 12 high schoolers welcomed me with their bright smiles that day.  …

A Long Whispering at the age of 68…

May 11, 2018


When  Nippon  Kan  was  founded,  it  was  just  me  and  a  few  others.    It’s  been  43  years  since  then,  and  it’s  been  quite  some  time  since  Nippon  Kan  was  no  longer  a  small  Aikido  group  in  a  town.    Unlike  a  business  entity,  a  Dojo  does  not  pay  wages  but  collects  monthly  dues  from  its  students.    However,  a  …