Uchideshi News


photo-67Uchideshi-Luca-Bocedi-2011Luca Bocedi

Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi Sept 2011

A visual arts professional, Luca made major contributions in assisting Homma Kancho in producing video productions for the Nippon Kan website. Since his graduation, Luca has returned to Italy where he works as a busy free-lance visual graphic arts specialist.

photo-68Uchideshi-Corrado-Blondi-2011Corrado Biondi

Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi Sept 2011

Corrado was our first uchideshi from Italy in 2011. Corrado first met Homma Kancho when in Parma, Italy when Homma Kancho instructed a seminar organized by Aikido Inseme Dojo in April 2011. Since his graduation, Corrado has returned to Italy to continue his studies and assist in the family business.

photo-69Uchideshi-Hiromi-Matsuoka-2011Hiromi Matsuoka

Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi 2nd term Sept 2011

Hiromi Matsuoka, a third-degree black belt under Yasuo Kobayahsi Shihan, Kobayashi Dojo in Japan returned to Nippon Kan in July 2011 to complete a second term as a full-time uchideshi student. Hiromi graduated in September and has currently returned to her regular practice at Kobayashi Dojo in Japan.

photo-70-Uchideshi-Shun-Endo-2011Shun Endo

Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi Sept 2011

Shun Endo is a second-degree black belt student of Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan in Sendai, Japan. Sendai is located in Northern Honshu near the epicenter of the great earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan in March of this year. Shun came to Nippon Kan for one month of concentrated practice and accompanied Homma Kancho and the construction team to Tak ko lang, Thailand to begin construction on the Bilay House Orphanage. Shun has since returned to Japan where he working on PHD in the sciences.

photo-71Uchideshi-Robin-Baljeu-2011Robin Baljeu

Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi Dec 2011

Robin joined Nippon Kan as an uchideshi for the last semester of 2011 from Holland. Overcoming personal physical challenges and a freezing cold winter, Robin completed his term at the end of December 2011. After a month of snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies, Robin has returned to his studies in Holland.