Nippon Kan Homeless Meal Service


8 Degrees Fahrenheit

As some of our Nippon Kan homeless meal services have been done in blistering heat, this meal service was frigid cold. The temperature in the alley behind the St Elizabeth of Hungary Church on Auraria Campus hovered around 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even in these bitter cold conditions over 200 guests were served outside with ample portions of rice and Japanese chicken curry, hot rice- noodle soup, bread, and desert. For this December service, AHAN supplied new pairs of warm socks to all guests in need, and about 100 pairs were given away that day. Some of our guests did not have gloves and in the frigid conditions their hands were freezing. Three of our volunteer staff gave their own gloves away…

On this winter day in Denver, there was a special spirit of goodwill and the sense of camaraderie between guests and staff was high.
Many thanks to all for a job very well done! Happy Holidays…