Appreciation from Asia-Photo Journey


AHAN Nippon Kan and Domo Japanese Country Foods Restaurant
2016 blossomed with an outpouring of support by so many Nippon Kan Members, family and friends, Domo customers and the elementary and middle school students and teachers who participated in Nippon Kan/Domo cultural field trip programs.
100% of all AHAN contributions have always been and always will be used for direct support of humanitarian projects both here and abroad. We look forward to continued participation and support for all AHAN Nippon Kan projects in the New Year ahead.
Check attached PHOTO ALBUM of AHAN Support Projects –December 2016 End of Year Activity and Facility Operations Check-In.

Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year in 2017
Gaku Homma
Aikido Nippon Kan Founder
Founder of AHAN Humanitarian Network
Owner and Head Chef Domo Restaurant

Myanmar, Yangon
Yadanapon Temple Orphanage and School
December 17th, 2016

Food support; delivery of 2 tons of rice and educational supply allowance.

Eight years ago, there was an orphan boy at the Yadanapon Orphanage. Today this boy has become a young man and is in formal training to be a monk at the Yadanapon Temple.

Philippine, Mindanano Island, Illigan City
AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao
Medical and Food Support Missions
December 4th, 2016

Medical support performed by trained military and civilian medical personnel.

AHAN Mindanao staff joined by local civilians in helping those in need with food support.

Vietnam, Hue City
Surrounding rural area distribution locations
Agent Orange Victim Support
Dec 20th, 2016
This year the areas surrounding Hue, Vietnam were affected by severe flooding, so standard assistance facilities could not be directly accessed. Three emergency distribution points were reached and 4 tons of rice, 1000 packages of ramen noodles, cooking oil were delivered and distributed by hand in three flood affected areas.

Supplies prepared at flood affected emergency distribution point.

Children at the Temple emergency distribution point.

Children at the Christian Church emergency distribution point.

Sometimes just listening is a very important kind of support.

Thailand, Ta Ko Lang (near the Myanmar border)
Myanmar refugee AHAN Bilay House Orphanage
December 23rd, 2016

The Bilay House Orphanage was built by AHAN Nippon Kan General Headquarters who also supports Bilay House daily operations for the care of the Myanmar children refugees growing up at Bilay House. Last year Bilay House acquired 46 acres of land currently planted with a crop of Cassava (tapioca).
Christmas at Bilay House this year was held on December 23rd with a visit by Homma Kancho, AHAN and Nippon Kan Founder.

The children of Bilay House waiting to go Christmas shopping in a nearby town about a two hour drive away. This annual Christmas event is a good experience and educational tool for the kids, some who have now grow into young adults attending high school.

Pastor Bilay- leader of Bilay House Orphanage.

After Christmas Mass, everyone gathers to celebrate; the Bilay House children and staff, village church members and local public school teachers.

Bangladesh, Dhaka
Madrasa Orphanage and School for Girls
December 26th, 2016
This facility in Bangladesh was founded in 1988 by a visionary leader, the late Elder Maulana Abdur Rahman who dedicated his live to the protection of orphaned girls in Bangladesh.
In 2008 AHAN Nippon Kan supported the building of a 6-story building that currently houses over 350 girls under the age of 16 and supplies food, shelter, medical and educational support. AHAN Nippon Kan supplies 1 ton of rice per month to assist in supporting the facility.

Ongoing construction of an additional building for the orphanage facility in Bangladesh. The current 6-story facility is visible between the pillars in the background. (Light blue building)

The girls having lunch in the orphanage in Bangladesh.

AHAN monthly rice delivery to orphanage in Bangladesh

Nepal , Kathmandu
AHAN Nepal Ranger WWY Support Projects for Children
November 25th, 2016

The AHAN Nepal Ranger WWY (We’re with You) projects for children were founded and have been supported monthly by AHAN General Headquarters since the great earthquake in Nepal of 2015. These WWY projects provide food, physical education and empowerment projects that include educating these next generations on merits of a clean environment.

On this day the WWY children clean up a neighborhood school area in Kathmandu.

Denver, Colorado USA
Monthly Food Service Support
December 18th, 2016

Nippon Kan has been serving meals to those in need on the third Sunday of the month for the past 26 years and to date has provided and served over 81,000 meals.

On December 18th, meals were served in 8 degree weather. New warm socks were also provided to all attending. Over 200 meals served, even on a day like this day…


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