Cagayan de Oro Seminar in Mindanao Island, Philippines.


Feb 22-23, 2007
Written by AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao Region Coordinator
Ava Yancha

Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center students.

Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center students.

One hour by plane southwest of the capitol city of Manila in the Philippines is the island of Mindanao. Located in the southwest region of Mindanao is the city of Cagayan de Oro, commonly referred to as CDO. After spending time in the jungles of Mindanao on a military medical mission and visiting dojos in local areas Homma Kancho traveled to CDO to teach a two day seminar at the Mindanao Aikido Propagation Center, instructed by Chief Instructor Alexander Y Javier Sensei.

Homma Kancho told me after the seminar that he was very impressed with the large movement, flexibility and level of ability of Javier Sensei’s students. “They all take this heat and humidity so well” Homma Kancho exclaimed. “I drank a great deal of water and I still became dehydrated and overcome by the heat. I became so ill that I was unable to attend a very nice farewell reception that Javier Sensei and his students had prepared. I really feel badly that I was unable to attend, and hope that I will be able to come again to CDO to practice together with students there. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed me with heart. Please let them know how much it was appreciated.”

Before he left, Homma Kancho appointed me as AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao Region 10 Coordinator. I am honored with the appointment and will keep in contact with Nippon Kan headquarters with the possibility of future projects. Homma Kancho has also written a new articles about his visit to my region, the first titled “Between Earth and Sky) link here and the second ““Returning Home; the True Mission of the Samurai. Joint United States and Philippine Military Medical Mission Eyewitness Report. Link here