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Report August 15th, 2015

Pumpkin Harvest

Bilay House student very happy with the harvest!

Bilay House student very happy with the harvest!

The fields of tapioca are growing very well. Along with the tapioca we used extra space to plant vegetables and pumpkins. The pumpkin have also grown really well and we had a good pumpkin harvest! One of our goals is to make Bilay House completely self sufficient and these crops will go a long in helping us support ourselves.

Tapioca Growing Well

Report June 28th, 2015

19 Hectares is a lot of land and it took all of us to get the fields planted. We work in the early mornings and early evenings when it is cooler and the kids work a little bit before and after school. When I sent a photo of our work in the fields to Homma Kancho he wrote back immediately with a message from AHAN Headquarters. Homma Sensei told us, “You need to buy hats for everyone and build a shelter by each field to shelter from the sun and supply each shelter with water. Work only one hour at a time at the most before stopping for rest and water”. This was Homma Kancho’s message and now the shelters have been built.

These tapioca fields will support Bilay House operations and will give us a sense of security for our future. The kids only help before and after school while the adults at Bilay House and hired hands work more hours of the day to care for our growing tapioca fields.

photo 124

New School Uniforms

Report May 26th, 2015

Thank you Homma Kancho for the new school uniforms!


Planting Tapioca

Report May 10th, 2015

19 hectares of tapioca have been planted; a big job! Our students and supporters, everybody pitched in to plant the tapioca, taking us about 30 days. Our new land is newly reclaimed from the jungle so it took time to turn and prepare the fields for planting. Homma Kancho supported us in this new project by providing the funds for renting expensive heavy equipment like tractors and backhoes and also the seedlings to plant. We will try our best to grow this tapioca; it is our way to independence!


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