Seminar in Parma


November  5th -10th , 2014








Serious practice at the seminar in Parma

Homma Kancho traveled to Italy in November 2014 to teach a seminar hosted by Aikido Insieme, Michele Nehme Sensei.

The purpose of this seminar was to raise funds for the new Ospedale Dei Bambini Children’s hospital in Parma and over 150 Aikidoka from all over Italy came to attend. At the closing ceremony, the Mayor of Parma was in attendance to receive the donation raised by the event.


Receiving a thank you from the Mayor- Gaku Homma Kancho

Homma Kancho taught Nippon Kan bokken and jo relationships to open-hand technique at this three-day seminar in Parma. It brought back good memories for me and two other students in Parma that have practiced at Nippon Kan General Headquarters in Denver and have graduated as alumni from the uchideshi program there.

This was the third seminar that Homma Kancho has taught in Parma and everyone enjoyed the seminar greatly. Homma Kancho performed his very popular free jo movement to music; this time to music of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi who is native to this area. Homma Kancho told students, “This kind of movement is not technique but the jo and myself must move together very quickly to do this kind of free movement. Free movement cannot be done without technique as a solid background”.


Relaxing in a local pub with Homma Kancho

After the seminar, Homma Kancho always likes spending time in a local pub enjoying the parmesan cheese, prosciutto ham and local wines that Parma is famous for.

Report by
Aikido Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi
Nippon Kan General Headquarters Official Instructor
Michele Zanrei-Italy